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Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



I sprinkled bountiful water on the cluster of tree leaves; granting their surface a scintillating radiance and shine,
Yet they developed disdainful blotches of dust on their persona; as the rustic wind blew in wild draughts.

I polished the marble with moulds of wax and feathery sponge; continued to do
so until it glistened,
Yet it developed a series of blue blotches; as the toddlers unwittingly spilled globules of writing ink.

I wore a crisp cotton shirt entwined with threads of white silk in the morning; meticulously wiping of all the dirt with my snake brush,
Yet it developed a blend of obnoxious blotches; as the tyranny of Sun and perspiration overpowered me in entirety.
I voraciously scrubbed the wall using a lather of antiseptic foam; scrupulously cleansing all the unwanted grime,
Yet it developed infinite blotches and irregular scars minutes later; as the
cars traversing blew a load of contaminated gutter water.

I tenaciously rubbed the interiors of the cloistered well using battens of steel; made sure that the grease and stale algae was thoroughly annihilated,
Yet the surface developed blotches of black mud along with a fleet of incorrigible termite; as a few nights passed by.

I rigorously scraped all the mud from the Temple bells; making their demeanor
sparkle in the midday Sun,
Yet they developed a plethora of blotches juxtaposed with ghastly stains; as
scores of devotees incessantly rang them creating a pandemonium.

I delicately chiseled streaks of condensed clay from my fingernail; to render
it with a salubrious complexion,
Yet it developed painted blotches stuffed with trapped particles; a few hours
after I consumed my meal of boiled rice.

I stringently brushed my bare bruise with a concoction of medicinal balm and
ointment; to eradicate prevailing infection,
Yet it developed hostile blotches; seconds later when it was exposed to acerbic atmosphere.

I adroitly brushed off briquettes of soil from my pet dogs skin; bathing him
in a tub replete with soapy foam,
Yet he developed irrevocable blotches of green on his skin; after rolling uninhibitedly in the grass.

It was now the turn of my beloved; I made her stand in the most blistering of
fire; the most savage of oceans; the most lecherous of society,
She withstood the test with tumultuous endurance; escaped without a single
indentation on all occasions; facing an army of acrimonious tests in her life,
And the most astounding thing was; she didn't acquire any scars; her heart was
as pure as gold; her character immaculate and her conscience was free of the remotest of blotch.

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