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Chapter One

Enjoy this little sneak peek into the second installment of the Sentinel A-1 series! I will start uploading the next chapters soon! Just a little bit longer, almost there!
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Chapter Two

Chapter Two Elegy    It was strange to be in the city during daylight without a disguise or a cloak on. Ever sinc... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three Jackson    The masked agents all over the Starbase were now aware of Agent 6’s presence. And th... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four Giradil    I quietly opened the door into Elegy’s room. The Hydro-Chamber was just rising out of t... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five Kax    We were almost to Dearg, the planet that Duranthos’ illegal slave trade was based on. It wa... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Six Vahn    I felt incredibly exposed, but in the end, the slave gear was incredibly helpful. The planet... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven Valerie    The princess suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me into an empty antechamber. She cl... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight Ramirez    My job was almost complete. I was currently underneath the Main Hall, wiring one of El... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine Kax    I spent the next day acquiring a wide array if splinters. The farms were directly under the s... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten Samuel    The kitchens were hotter than being under the sun, and that was saying something. There w... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven Skye    He was lying to me. And I was okay with it? No. I was used to it. That’s what it was. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve Elegy    My eyes were burning. It had been 48 hours since I had last been in the Hydro-Chamber, ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen Mardell    I sat up to see someone stepping out of the strange chamber in the middle of the ro... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen Theresa    I woke up to Mardell yelping as a loud hiss ripped through the air. I sat up to fin... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen Vahn   “Get moving!”    I sucked air in through my teeth as the whip hit my ba... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen Sonata    Somali, alive? For the first time in months, hope fluttered in my chest. But I quickl... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen Kax    I woke up to Luca groaning in pain as he rubbed his back. I assumed it would be anothe... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen Elegy    Another guard hit the ground. A few had somehow managed not to get knocked out by the... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen Jackson    Theresa and Mardell came down the hall carrying Elegy across their shoulders. His s... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty Elegy    I woke up under water with someone holding my shoulder. The boiling water of the hot sp... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty-One Valerie    We were constantly on the move. Duranthos had guards hunting for us, and we had n... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Twenty-Two Ondeci   “I see you saved the operatives inside the palace.”   I shrugged. &... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Three

Chapter Twenty-Three Theresa    I caught myself fiddling with my hair again. It had become a habit, and I hadn... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty Four

Chapter Twenty-Four Elegy    The sky was lit up every few seconds by a blast from the Starbase’s ca... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Five

Chapter Twenty-Five Vahn    The caves spread on far behind us. My job had been to get us out of the caves and p... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six Jackson   “Citizens of Dearg, please, remain calm, we are preparing a squadron as we speak to r... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter Twenty-Seven Elegy   “Who’s there?”    No response. The vast emptiness of the inside... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Eight

  Chapter Twenty-Eight Giradil    Elegy was floating unconscious in the rubble of the Vardum Flagship.... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine Cetiri   “So, you found the little Six’s stash?”   “No, he showed it to me,... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty Sonata    Vahn was going to be leaving again, I couldn’t bear to see him off, but I had to mak... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter Thirty-One Kax    Duranthos sat up in the chair he was tied to. His eyes darted around rapidly, searchi... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirty-Two Valerie    I stood back. Finally, the last bit of rust colored paint was gone from the Senti... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter Thirty-Three Mardell   “What do you mean?”   “Marduv wants you to head to Dìomhair.” ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter Thirty-Four Samuel   It was almost time to leave, and more or less everyone was on the Sentinel A-1. Elegy a... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-Five Sionnah   “Restrain Subjects.”     Another android fell to the ground as Elegy... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter Thirty-Six Vahn   “How do I look?”   Samuel stepped back and smiled encouragingly.   ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Thirty-Seven Kax   “He’s dead?”   “I don’t know, they just fell, I don’t know anything ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Chapter Thirty-Eight Machiavelli   “Where is it?”     I held the key in my hands, I had recognized... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Chapter Thirty-Nine Duranthos     The cold water surrounded me and knocked the air out of my lungs, and when I fina... Read Chapter

Chapter Forty

Chapter Forty Elegy     I slid the cloth back over my eyes, I figured it was time to head back up to the palace. Wh... Read Chapter

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