The Scars That Made Her Beautiful

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This chapter is from the perspective of Thana

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Capter One

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



“You are a smart student Thana, I know you are. So why don’t you do good with your abilities? Instead of spending your time doing mischief stuff like this,” Ms. Threshold exasperated as she dumped a bag of spray cans on her desk. I just glanced at them before looking back out the window. This wasn’t worth my time. Maybe I should have been more careful, but then again that could be said about other things that have happened in my life. This was just another example to add to the list.

“Don’t you have anything to say for yourself? Anything at all? Thana I can help you if you just let me in.” She sat down in her chair and tried to look into my eyes, but I refused to meet her gaze. This made her sigh out of defeat. “Well you do know what this means by now don’t you? Thana next time I won’t go easy on you. I’ll have to report this to the district and you might be expelled. Just please try and think about it next time.”

A call “home” and a Saturday detention spent painting over my “mistake”. A part of me wanted to say thanks for all she did for me, but at the same time I knew I didn’t deserve her trust. Pushing all the spraypaints back into my backpack, in a swift movement I got up from my chair and slid on the bag. As I turned to walk out I felt her put her hand on my shoulder. “Please Thana. Think about it. I don’t want to see you behind bars again. Not this time.”

I shrugged her off and walked out the door. Behind bars. That was the least of my worries.


I walked through the sea of students and straight off campus, knowing it wouldn’t be any use trying to attend class today, so I took matters into my own hands. As I walked off I saw my art, sad that it would be covered up once again. It was a crying eye, and in it was a silhouette chained up in green chains in fire. Maybe if it wasn’t so different they would have let me keep it, too bad that’s how it actually happened. I wish it was as simple as painting over as if it didn’t happen.

As I reached the outskirts of campus I could feel someone following me, watching me. This wasn’t uncommon in this neighborhood, but that didn’t make what was happening any less serious. I decided to turn the corner abruptly. I could still feel eyes piercing into the back of my head.  I turned another corner into an alley and darted up the stairs up to the roof of one of the buildings. After climbing I bolted jumping from roof to roof, hoping maybe they can’t do the same. As I came to a big leap, I sprinted and threw my backpack over first before launching myself. The edge slammed into my stomach knocking the wind out of me. With my sweaty palms I drag my body up onto the roof and flip over so I'm swimming in the sky.

I heard flapping and the sky was sprinkled with velvet black feathers. Looking over there was a raven, looking straight into my soul, perched on the backpack with my stuff scattered across the floor. Finally catching my breath I started to laugh and sat up.

I took off my jacket and threw it over him. “Okay okay you win, sheesh I thought you were gonna go to detention.” I exclaimed.

Rustling came from under the jacket and a tanned hand from underneath pulled it off. In replace of the big raven was my friend Donovan. He had multiple chains hanging from his black skinny jeans, and skull high tops. A green plaid, button up flannel hugged his tanned skin with gauges the size of quarters. Dirty blonde hair stood as gel spikes on his head, and his red eyes pierced into my soul, but his smile gleamed at me with nothing but warmth.

“You’re one to talk. Besides we were in the middle of a game of chase when she interrupted us. I wasn’t gonna let her get in the way of that,” He says while standing up. He brushed his feathers off his jacket “So I'm guessing they didn’t take your ‘masterpiece’ to kindly?”

I pushed him jokingly and laughed.

“You mean OUR masterpiece. Don’t pretend you weren’t apart of it.”

“I was a victim of the system.”

“What does that even mean?”

“I have no clue. People around here keep saying it.”

I grabbed some soda from my backpack and threw him one as I sat on the edge of the roof. The sky was shone with clouds scattered across the sky, the mountains covered in building touching the sky. If you looked at towards the sun, underneath it was a lake. Full of laughter from kids and memories being formed between families. It was like the one at home, except, this one still had laughter to share. Not a day goes by where I don’t remember the pain that I caused, but not only to them but to myself. Everyday I wish I could go back to those simple days, where our sun made green light dance all around the kingdom, and you could look up in the sky and see planets devour the sky. There were no worries then and we could just be kids, we could run across the fields, and play with the wildlife. Sometimes we took one home as a pet for the night because they were so calm.
And when we ever lost hope, whenever the world seemed to be against us, Donovan and I would go to our hideout in a junkyard in a for the size of a cottage we built together. We would go there for eachothers comfort, and wait till our parents came to find us. Then we would all enjoy the lights gleaming in the night sky, and we would feel safe.

I watched this town and all the people go on with their lives. At least they can still continue theirs. I wish I could continue mine. I wish I could be with my parents. I wish I didn’t-

“Yo Thana. You alright? You’re spacing out again.”

Blinking back into reality, I realized hours have passed by and it was getting dark. I really went out of it this time.

“Yeah. Yeah I'm fine.”

“Thana. Look it’s been 15 earth years. I know how bad it was but maybe-”

“Do you know how bad it was!? You weren’t the one Donovan! You weren’t the one!”

There was no smile on his face anymore, and his eyes softened. I knew I wasn’t the only one who lost everything. He was with me through everything, even the worst moments of my life.

“I'm sorry I didn’t mean to. It’s just-”

With one hand Donovan covered my mouth and the other wrapped around me so that I was pressed against him. “I know Thana. I know. Forget I said anything okay? I know it’s not gonna be easy to let go, but I think we should. They aren’t gonna come back. It’s time we stop trying to pretend they will.”

With my head now resting on his shoulder, I sighed. I knew they weren’t coming back, and that was why I couldn’t let go of what happened. I could never forget. And I couldn’t forgive. Lightly pushing myself away from him, without looking into his eyes I breathed out, “We should get going. I think we got into enough trouble as it is.”

He stood up and and pulled me up along with him. His gleaming smile had returned as fast as it had left. Sometimes I wondered if he was faking it. But I knew that he would never lie to me; friends to hell and back. Funny how we were kids back then when we made that promise, and we never knew how true that statement would be.

I put on my jacket and backpack; no reason to leave perfectly good contraband around like this. Looking around I saw that the sun was almost down, and barely kissing our skins as it’s colors ran across the sky. Ms. Fran would yell till her face was red going on blue if we were late again. “We aren’t going to make it across town.”

“But what if someone sees us? Thana We can’t risk-”

“Hey you break the rules everyday. Don’t think I don’t see you chirping at the girls in Pe.”

He laughed and rolled his eyes at this. “Okay you got me there, but hey can’t blame me, I did worse than that for you all the time for you back then.” He grabbed my hand and held it tight. “You know I'm with you all the way.”

I squeezed his hand back and walked over to to the edge of the building till only my heels had something solid underneath. I looked around the alley and saw a nice shadow being casted by a garbage bin, I walked off, and fell down the side with Donovan screaming of joy like a kid on a roller coaster. I laughed as our heads touched the ground, but it didn’t crash. It didn’t break into a million pieces killing us. No. We slid through like a person diving into a pool, and soon surrounded by dark abyss, we we falling, and falling, until we felt another layer of darkness. Rippling through we fell out onto grass, tumbling over each other, his body slamming into the tree, and my body slamming into his. Though I mastered going through shadows and make it to the other side on my feet on my own, Donovan had more fun diving in, so our landing was a little less than graceful.

“What time is it? Looks like the lights in the kitchen are already off,” I asked glancing over to the house. We fell into our backyard, a foster home. A lot of kids come and go, but Donovan and I are the ones who have stayed the longest. We knew nobody would want us, and to be perfectly honest we didn’t want anybody to pretend to be our parents anyways. Besides, Ms. Fran basically adopted us already, she scares off any people that even look our way saying, “Those two are inseparable. More trouble than they are worth! If you ask me you're better off with a puppy than those two.” She would always talk bad about us, but treat us like we were the kids she could never have. She treats us so nicely we even got the attic all to ourselves. She let us put a window in the roof so we can look at the stars, when the pollution was low.

“Fifteen past seven. We’ll be just in time for dinner come on!” He pushed himself up, helping me up along the way and we walked through the back screen door to what was basically a circus. Twin five year old girls, Lola and Charlot, chased themselves around the tables. A twelve year old boy, Charlie I think,  was playing with Hotdog the stray dotson we adopted into our family. Through the whole house bursted jazz from the old radio in order to drown out the kids. Ms. Fran didn’t like televisions; said that they were for people who didn’t have anything going for their lives, which made it harder to entertain the kids in a way that didn’t involve tearing the house down to pieces.

Ms. Fran came storming into the dining room, dropping some brown bags on the table and yelled,”You darn kids will be the death of me! No you all sit down nicely and eat or no food for the rest of the week!”

She always threatened us like this, and the young kids still fell for it. They stopped whatever they were doing, and raced to the tables and sat down  silently. With their “halos” over their head they passed around the plates and poured water for everyone. To bad they still haven’t caught on that no matter what they do, she’d still come up to their rooms and tuck them in bed with a piece of cake and a kiss goodnight. Donovan went over to Charlie to go help with pouring the water so it didn’t spill, when Ms. Fran finally noticed us.

“Well I could’ve used your help earlier. This place is a war zone I tell ‘ya!”

Laughing I went over to kiss her forehead.

“Sorry Janice. We got held up. We were painting the town red!”

“Yeah well if you put that talent into painting the house maybe we’d have a decent looking place.”

“Not until we can paint the house how we want,” Donovan chuckled out as he passed out the food. “McDonalds? Janice, you spoil us.”

“You know damn well I don’t have the hands to cook anymore. That’s why it’s your job. And I told you a million times not to call me Janice!”

We all sat down around the table and ate heartily to burgers and fries. To others this may not have been much, but this was the closest form to a proper family time as we would get, and it didn’t matter what we ate. Everyone around the table talked about their day. Donovan was being the judge of a “holding your breath” contest between the twins, and charlie snuck pieces of meat to Hotdog. When it was clear nobody was paying attention, Ms. Fran would put down her walls and had her soft side out. She placed he hand gently on mine and said,” I got the call from your councillor. I put on the hold charade that I was upset and everything, so she should be nice to you on the school side of punishment. But honey, Why do you paint these things from your dreams? I know they seem real to you, but you have to face facts that realize that you didn’t kill your parents. No matter how real the dreams are.”

At this point Donovan was only half paying attention to the twins and now eavesdropping on us. We never told anybody about us and what happened. We told her our parents were killed in a fire and we could only remember the fire and our first names. I suppose the story was convincing enough because she has taken us in and never questioned it ever since. Part of us wanted to tell her the truth, but we know she wouldn’t believe us. And even if we proved it to her, no matter how much we trusted her there was no telling what she would do.

“You’re right Janice, I guess I just wish I had some closure.” Another lie; how many would I tell in this lifetime?

“Now that’s all right dear, now just try to keep your drawings to your sketchbook and not on the walls. Folks here don’t take to kindly to creativity, those dull minded freaks. But don’t look so down, this isn’t nothin a little of my famous chocolate cake can’t fix.”

At this all of the kid’s perk up. And started begging for cake.

“All right all right settle down! At least go wash up and clean the table if you want some. My frail heart can’t handle the days you put me through enough as it is.”


After putting all the kids to bed, Janice settled down with her evening book in the living room, and we went into our little haven. The attic gleamed with the the light from the moon pouring in, and danced around the room when it hit our glass bottle chandelier. We made it when we were young, out of the bottles we found around the train tracks. The walls and ceiling were decorated with our story, painted on to remind us of what was. Janice never allowed us to paint anything bad, so we just painted our old city, just like it used to be. Gleaming under the green moon with the thousands planets at arms reach. It wasn’t our old fort, but it was the closest to home as we could get.

Donovan was in bed still in his day clothes, he didn’t like pajamas, and was listening to music while staring out the ceiling window. I was finished putting on my pajamas and came out of the bathroom. Going over to his bed I stole his sweater. It was fluffy and I knew he wouldn’t mind. Putting it on, I walked over to a loose plank in the floor, kneeling down to slowly taking it out to show the stuffing underneath. This made him rise out of bed till he was sitting in it.

“Maybe she was right Thana, maybe it’s time we let this all go. It’s been so long.”

I ignored him and searched around till I found what I was looking for. A small cardboard box. I slowly took off the tape and opened the flaps. I felt his hands slide over mine as I held the box. He walked over without me realizing. He took his hand and reached into the box, pulling it out. A ring, but not just any ring. My family ring. A silver band with a black jewel shaped into a rose, with in the center a crystal stone. The only thing I had left to hold onto. He took it and then placed the box out of my hands, and slid the ring onto my left thumb.

“But then again, maybe this is something that isn’t worth forgetting. Remember whatever you decide-”

“You’ll be with me till the end. To hell and back,” I finished for him.

He tilted my head up so I could see his smile.

“Exactly. I'm glad you still haven’t forgotten.” He wiped a tear from my cheek that I didn’t realized escaped me. “You want to sleep with it again tonight?”

I nodded my head.

“Okay. Then come on, let’s get you into bed.” He helped me up and pulled back the covers. As I got into bed he placed back the plank back and got into his bed.

“Hey, how about tomorrow we go to the beach after school? It’ll be nice and overcast, just the way we like it okay?”

I nodded and then closed my eyes. I didn’t want to be awake today anymore. Maybe if I dreamt, I could feel better being anywhere but here.


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