The Lost Gods of the Past

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Sally Alex Williams is a girl with a past life as a goddess. She joins the Resistance, but finds out that the leaders were not the kind of people she expected them to be. Sally starts to remember
her past life and powers along with the rest of her family. A mysterious man, who has tried to control the world and destroy it, was killed by Sally and her brother Jason. He had promised that one
day he will get revenge in the least expected way. Now Sally is on an adventure she didn't want or asked for. A descendant of the mysterious man is planning to take on after him. But the descendant
is one person she will never suspect. Sally is in the middle of a war, one that might destroy the universe and bring us back to chaos.

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Part One Resistance of the True World   I woke up to the sound of voices, or maybe just one voice talking to itself. I... Read Chapter

The Resistance

“Well?” asked the boy across the counter. He was about a few years older than me with sparkling green eyes and black hair. “Are y... Read Chapter

The Monokeros

‘Moros, can you please help us and create a illusion so that our parents would think that we are in bed and not out here?’ I though... Read Chapter

My Very First Resistance Meeting

I woke up at five thirty in the morning to Jason knocking furiously on my door. I was just about to yell at him, but I heard the sound ... Read Chapter

Our New Beginning

Thirty minutes later, once we’ve finally convinced Brandon that we can mix the potion with regular water and put it in a fountain, an... Read Chapter

Life is Good

The next morning I woke up with more power and strength. I stumbled into the separate kitchen the Monokeros had summoned for us and I f... Read Chapter

Don't Even Think About It, Frank

Our mission didn’t start out bad enough, until the government’s guards saw us messing with the town’s water supply. We decided to... Read Chapter

I Steal A Chocolate Bar

I could tell Brandon was thinking about how Zertis and Emma were all alone back there, and how he could never have a chance with Emma e... Read Chapter

Everyone Had a Couple...Except Me

  “Guys, come on! The meeting is starting now!” Luke  said barging in the guest bedroom. I don’t know how he did it, ... Read Chapter

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If you have any comments to say on my story, please don't hesitate, I want to know how you guys think of it.

Sun, March 18th, 2018 5:26pm


A fantastic book by a talented young writer. She's certainly a rising star.

Mon, March 19th, 2018 1:46pm

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