Appreciating the beauty and potential of astral projection.

The universe unfolds before me like a desert flower.


My body lies in quiet repose,

A prison from which I can finally escape,

If only for these precious hours of unconsciousness.


My astral self rises heavenward,

Attached to my navel by a golden thread of infinite length.


I am sentenced to return to myself at the first sign of temporal awareness,

But for now, I am free,

Projecting my true essence ever farther into quantum planes of existence.


This is emancipation in its truest form, 

Soaring at the speed of thought to explore alternate realities,

Bonding with babies who will never be born to me,

Bathing in bands of unearthly colors and otherworldly spectrums of light.

Epiphanies explode in my astral mind like shimmering crystal fragments, 

Altering my perceptions in an instant.

What drug could compare?


Morning calls me now from far away, 

Beckoning me once again to my temporal prison.


I fly back through space and re-enter my body feet first,

Through the top of my head.


The world demands my attention for now,

But only for a few hours.

Escape awaits me with the rising of the moon,

When I shall once again float in astral bliss.


What adventures await me tonight?

I can hardly wait to see!


Submitted: March 17, 2018

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