Lay in the Dark

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They never forget

Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



Oh Dearest child of mine, how often do you hear my voice,

Whisper one the winds of choice, hearing every bit the sirens call,

Your deepest desires, give to fall,

What depths will you travel to,

How dark your soul could be with truth,

How much you hide behind your mask,

For what purpose I must ask,

If you could let all see,

The mirror in which you choose to flee,

If all eyes could see within,

Could you bare the very sin,

How much I ask would you carry?

Upon the Devil’s very own ferry,

When he spoke your name that night,

When he called your darkness light,

When he challenged your very being,

Stripped you of your lies within,

How would you answer in front of the throne,

Accountable for all that you have owned,

Do you think the Angels will let you be?

Protect you from, the work of the night’s deeds?

If he who stands, forgives all,

Who shall hear the wounded’s call?

Who shall hear their cry for vengeance?

Strike down those who have stolen their essence?

All these things I say to thee, you conjured a world of circled three,

You shall answer this very day,

For the pain you’ve caused, you’ve imagined away,

The very actions you’ve excused, the broken items your lips lets loose,

No is the time you shall feel, the pain you’ve caused to innocents still,

Do you hear them coming in the shade?

Their clawing through the dark cascade?

Their hunger growing with every breath they breath,

The intent to devour is their breed,

Watch and wait as they do come,

Lay in the dark, fight the instinct to run,

Where I ask shall you go,

Where can you flee, when the darkness knows.

© Copyright 2018 J Woods. All rights reserved.

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