The Vagabond Lover.

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Bren was a young man without a job and without a home. When he met me, his life changed drastically.

Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



''So you think this life is good is great, do you? Wandering around without a home or a job.'' I asked.
''There's nothing else to do, is there?''
''Yes, you can find yourself a woman, and settle down. All this wandering about from town to town. Get yourself a decent job.''
''Who's going to employ me? I no nothing, not even my ABC.''
''I can teach you. All for free, but if you ever get rich, you'll remember who taught you to write and speak properly.''
''Me, getting rich? That's a laugh!''
''Life is funny, you never know.''
"When do you want to start with me?''
''Tomorrow, say 14:00 hrs.''
''Okay, I'll be there.''

 Bren had been going around from town to town and scrounging wherever he could. he was a fit lad about 26 with hair hanging down over his shoulders, brownish colour, with light grey eyes. Ever since his parents died, he had no one to look after him. No one was interested in him, so he took to the road. I knew him for some time now, and apart from his way of life, he was a decent fellow. I just think that he needed to be put on the right road. A few lessons would do him good.
As for myself, I'm just a researcher, an amateur. I have many books around me on many subjects. My name is Howard, and I'm a few years older than Bren. I just know what I'll do with him. Show him what this life is all about.

Bren came around as we had agreed. I got him to go and soak himself, to take a good bath and shower. When he had finished with that, I had some new outfit for him. He tried them on, and was amazed when he looked at himself in the mirror. ''Is that really me?'' He asked.
''There's no one else here. That's you in new kit and you're about to taste what life is about.''
I started teaching him the ABC. He was a quick learner, and did awfully well in a short time.

Bren read many children books, and enjoyed them. He started speaking much better, and his manners were first class.

Bren accomanied me to the Lady's Day at Aintree Race Course. Ladies day started from the days of Queen Anne around 1711. We both were dressed smart, and I wasn't at all surprised when the ladies who were fashionable, wearing their hats, heels and frocks, kept on smiling, and Bren wasted no time at all by approaching a group of four. He started chatting away while I was busy looking for a good place to put a bet on. He said to me when I went back, ''I never knew there were so many beautiful ladies at the horse racing.''
''You can see for yourself what you had been missing.'' He gave me the name of a horse ''Windslow City.''
I said, ''With that name, it will fail to win.'' I was wrong. The horse came in 20 to 1.
''I must take you more often with me to these races.'' I told him.

Bren had a date with a very beautiful lady whose name was Linda. He'll be meeting her at the Grand National.
''I'm feeling like a new person already. I have to thank you for helping me along. Going out and meeting a beautiful lady is great, better than what I had been doing before. Tomorrow, I'll gve you another winner,'' he said, and smiled.
''Are you psychic?'' I asked.
''No, it's just a feeling I have, and I'm often right. By the way, I'm meeting the Duchess tomorrow.''
It shocked me when he said that. I repeat, ''Duchess? I thought you were meeting Linda! Is she married?''
''Not at all, old chap. Her husband passed away two years ago.''
''I said, ''Bren, I'm very pleased for you. You're heading in the right direction. You do mean Linda, I hope.''
''Yes, that's right, the Duchess and me, the vagabond lover.''
''You're not a vagabond anymore. Tou have proved that to me. At the Grand National, Bren met his Duchess, and the name of the horse he gave me came in at 500 to 1.

The End.

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