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Pregnancy tests and Iv's never thought I'll end my sophomore year with these

restraining order and depressive disorder just when I was still 15,

Killing the inside but dead on the outside, I'm half asleep.

Is this a dream? Did this happen to me? How will I tell my future husband? What if he doesn't want me?

This is hard to say but, did I stray away from God? Yes. But now I'm trying my best to be closer to him then the rest.

Funny how you did me wrong and claimed, then you turned your back and didn't say it. 

People were quick to believe you because your exterior looks different from your interior, but with all this circling me im starting to feel inferior. 

But don't worry deep down inside I know the real you, the mental and physical abuse and the way you twist things just right to silence me for a lifetime 

But you hushed me for way too long and now I'm breaking free 

this is just the beginning because I am Unsilenced.

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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