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A girl tradition you would not even think about. humor, joy, strangeness, fun. every night a connection with the strangest thing to have at all. not an every day story. Its what sisters do.

Dezi knocks on the door again for the hundreth time. "Ali hurry up! Ma said fifteen more minutes until bedtime and its already been seven, i really have to take a shower..."

 She had been waiting for fifteen minutes now. She knew if she didn't get in the shower her long dark brown curly locks would for sure be frizzy for the last few days of eighth grade. which to Dezi last impressions were very important to her. She already had two red and bulging mosquito bites on her dark colored neck. and four on her legs, she did not need to have another thing to look bad with. 

Finally Ali appears out of the bathroom with a wicked smile on her face. "Sorry." She was very differect than Dezi. She was the youngest of the two by two years. She had shorter light brown wavy hair and was a little shorter than Dezi. She had a very lovely figure. Her figure was basey and cute. Dezi had more of a longer appearance but had a bit of base. not like Ali though. She was desirable and knew it. She walked out smiling. 

Dezi hurries into the bathroom to take her shower. Once she finishes she starts to dry herself off. She wraps the towel around her body and folds it so it will stay and walks out. She walks into the room to find that Ali is running around in only a tank top in shorts with hairspray jumping all over her room. She gives Ali a questionable look to find that what she was spraying was a mosquito. She hurriedly takes a pillow off her sisters bed and starts to blow the pest in her sisters direction. So that Ali could spray it and it will fall and die. She did not want another two or free bites on her neck, legs, or face. Both of the girls are now running around the room in all directions with now nothing on spraying the heck out of one mosquito. They start laughing knowing that they were being ridiculous. running around with basically nothing and chasing one darn bug. It was now twenty minutes past their bedtime and the mosquito was still flying around winning the battle.


The two girls then devise a plan to kill the predator that was becoming quite victorious. Ali and Dezi then wait for the pest to land. this was risky. If the mosquito landed and they couldnt find where it was they would both fall asleep with pest bites on their face or arms, or the desired parts mosquitos love. Finally the insect finally approached the unused heating vent. Ali and Dezi then trap the creature. She was on one side and Dezi was on the other side of the vent making sure it didnt escape the blow. Ali aims at the mosquito with all her might and sprays the hairspray right at it. she did four quick spurts. The mosquito didn't fall though. It still stood strong and wouldn't budge. The girls looked at each other in looks of failure. But then noticed that the insect was silent. very silent. still. very still. 


Dezi asked first. "Is it dead!? 

Ali shook her head, ''I don't know..." They started to study the pest. He still didn't budge. "I think its frozen." she said.

Dezi instantly got intrigued. "You mean, we made a fossil!?" she exclaimed.

 "You could say that Dez." Ali then had an idea. 'What if we keep it?"

Dezi started to laugh. "Keep it!? keep it!?!!! like some sort of dead pet!?"

"Yeah..." Ali said. " I know it sounds weird, but think, it's kinda cool."

Dezi smiles looking up at it. " So its a girl, I know... but what about the name Jefferson?"

Ali rolls her eyes at Dezi "Sure Dezi. As always taking things over the top."

"'What?!" Dezi frowns. "Like you said its kinda cool, I just want to see how long Jefferson stays up there." she looks up at Jefferson and then looks down on the ground. "He shouldnt be up for long."

Ali rolls her eyes again, "Fine." Tucks herself in bed and lays down.

"Night Jefferson." Dezi grabs the shirt and shorts on the side of the bed and tugs them on. then pulls the cover of the bed to her and lays on her side. starting to fall asleep.

"Night Jefferson." Ali whispers.


That was the night of traditons. The night, the start of Jefferson. It created something new for the girls. many nights soon turned into weeks. Every night the same. Jefferson would be dead and yet awake in his permenent petrified state. While the two sisters talked themselves to sleep. Yet every night not forgetting about Jefferson. Always saying goodnight to the pest that could not harm them no more. Some nights they would ask each other if its possible for Jefferson to come alive. The thought was kinda scary. There harmless predatory pet coming to life and out for revenge. But it has already been a month now and he hasn't moved at all. Some nights Dezi would check to see if Jefferson had finally fallen on the pillow dead or if he just dissapeared. But he always stayed true, he never moved. The two girls found confort in Jefferson. It was nice having him around.


As the month turned to months Dezi and Ali went on trips to visit family and have fun times. They would leave Jefferson to take care of the home. As they fell asleep each night they whispered to each other though miles and miles away. ''Night Jefferson." and would fall asleep. When they got back they checked to see if Jefferson was ok or not. He always was. He never let the girls down. They would then get back into the tradition and Jefferson would just linger above their heads.


One day another pesty mosquito lingered in his cavern. Ali and Dezi had the idea to trap him or her and make Jefferson have a friend. They finally had the pest where they wanted it and sprayed it, but instead of sticking like jefferson. it fell. The girls then smiled because all they needed was Jefferson. Their little secret. Never telling a soul of the adventures they have already had with Jefferson, The modern frozen in time Mosquito. 


Holidays would come and go and the Sisters would tell the mosquito what holiday it was. Have a good fourth of July Jefferson! Happy Halloween Jefferson! Happy thanksgiving Jefferson! Merry Christmas Jefferson! Happy New Year Jefferson! Have a good Easter Jefferson! Happy Birthday Jefferson!" A full year of Jefferson the mosquito. Long live!!!


It was hard to keep him alive with parents wanting clean rooms and vaccumed ones too. the girls feared that Jefferson would be swept up by the vaccume. They knew that some other force would sweep him off his feet and that he would be like any other mosquito. meeting their demise. The girls would each take turns vaccuming the room making sure Jefferson would survive. 


All was well. It had been two in a half years and he still was alive. The sisters really had a connection with him and didn't want to depart him ever. Even though they knew that unexpectably came sooner than expected. January 15th the girls home was up for sale. January 21st the first people went through it and found it to their needs... The girls packed all their stuff and all their belongings. Janary 15th. They cleared the room and spent their last night in their home. In the room where Jefferson permanently stayed. They lay in bed thinking of the future and the outcome of the move. when it hit them. Jefferson would not be joining them no longer. This was the last night that they would spend with Jefferson. the modern mosquito frozen in time. The two girls had tears in their eyes as they say for the last time there "Goodnight Jefferson.... and goodbye." Their tears fell upon the sheets of the bed, the loss of a good pet and friend. 


The next night they enter the new home fearful of all unknown. Enter the bed with only a few blankets and few pillows. They lay in bed for thirty minutes. Barely uttering anything really at all.Jefferson would not gain the new owners favor, they know someone would notice him and get rid of him. It was sad. It really hurt them to not know what would happen to him now. They stared up at the cealing. there was no vent. The two girls sighed... The Sisters looked at each other sat up and held onto each others hands. Dezi and Ali looked at each other and then said as they both looked to the moon and for the last of all times. "Goodnight Jefferson....."

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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