When he was actually rich

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Getting a call from his dad, he reflects back and analyzes the days when he was actually risk

 When he was actually rich 
“Why don’t you respond now a days, don’t you love us anymore. Is it my money, all that you crave for”- His dad said over the phone. Listening to it he chocked, not because he didn’t love his dad but he realized he had failed to express it and even at that movement he could not tell his dad how eagerly he waits for his call. Sitting back he reflected was his dad correct, is it his money that is all he needs. When he was a kid his father used to work as a technical manager and apart from those 8 hours he used to get all his attention. His father used to drive him through the town in the bajaj scooter . Standing in the front space available , grasping everything his father told to look at, he moved ahead in life fearlessly. Little at that point had he imagined there would come a point when the scooter will get replaced by a car and his father by a driver. His father grew in stature , Manager , Senior manager , DGM, GM and he hardly got any time to meet him . Whenever he used to be unhappy his father would gift him a gadget, perhaps unaware of the fact that it was his attention that he was craving for. His father wanted him to become a doctor but he failed . He Went to study engineering , now completely devastated from inside that he could not fulfil his fathers dream ,he stopped talking to him because he always had that in mind. May be at that point if his father could have understood him and given a pat on the back saying still nothing has gone wrong,then he would not have  indulged in drinking , smoking. He used to spend a huge amount of money. His friends used to taunt that he was born with a silver spoon , He need not worry, So was he actually rich?. An hour passed just reflecting about his life and in this hour he neither lit up a cigarette nor he drank which made him realize that it was his father’s attention that is all, he still needs. He then spent the whole day thinking about his childhood days, days When he was actually rich. 

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