Order My Steps by Tamaya Gunn

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For Jay

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



Her eyes make me melt

This is a feeling I can honestly say, I've never felt

I know you can step out into this world and go home with anyone you want and desire

into the tens and thousands of men and women under your belt

However, the only notch that matters is me

The rest of these females our botched, you'll see

Just have faith and gravitate towards me

I'll deliver everything I promise you'll see


When it comes to the task of providing you with what you need, put your faith in me before beauty slips away

And I promise you, I will be faithful and stay


Is it too soon to call you bae...

How can it be??

When I have not been able to get you off my mind, all day ...

My beautiful distraction

I prayed for you but this is the fastest God has ever taken action, or is this magic...

Your nothing short of a miracle, no pun intended...

I hope that made you laugh and smile because you deserve it..

Your heart has been through so much, my first instinct is too hold it

I know your self sufficient and independent but if life seems to overwhelm you, break on me and I will be here to hold you

Her eyes make me melt

And I'm ready to step up in a major way, So I'm asking the Lord to please help me order my steps

I want to be ready for this....

I acknowledge the fact that it's not just you and I am woman enough to recognize the package that comes with you

And when your ready, when the time is right I will love them and you too


But let's not rush...

Here I am talking about love, when I am trying to figure out if you like me....

Here I am talking about love because my heart tells me that you are a strong potential wifey

You already stepped into my life and began healing

I feel those layers peeling off of me, so much I feel like I am strong enough to patch the holes in my family

The ways this woman motivates and inspires me is endless and know I seriously think that she's enchanted

I know you want time and freedom too and for yourself rightnow

And I respect it and agree because a wild thing is meant to run free

Across pastures as green as her eyes...

Lord, what do I have to do to make this woman mine


With you, I know that if I come at all then I gotta come correct...

So, I am leaning on the Lord to order my steps

Sometimes, I live like I am lawless, but I am so far from flawless

Her name is Jay, but I won't lie I have no reservations against calling her bae

Sometimes, the word can flow out my mouth so unnaturally like I am forcing what doesn't fit...

Excuse my language but for me...

That's the fastest way to self destruct and have everything turn to shit

I don't want that to happen here

I have no idea what we could be..

I am just taking it slow and asking God to order my steps, so we can see
I will tell you about all my past indiscretions because I refuse to let a woman like you be yet another life lesson

Here is your 2 page love poem baby

Her eyes literally make me melt

God please and I beg you please...

Order my steps







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