Drunken Love

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Demonstration of how love can change a person.

Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



One night I was leaving the bar, walking home because I didn’t live that far. Block after block my body leaned and rocked. Staggering still getting closer to home, I see someone sitting all alone, pausing for a moment to stay on my feet, as she stood up instantly my heart skipped a beat. Slowly swaying to stay on my feet I was determined to reach her with out feeling defeat. Excuse me miss what’s your name? With out a pause she relied Christean. Feeling foolish I quickly explained you’re simply beautiful, I just had to know your name. She laughed with a voice as soft as a feather, I asked would you like to go some where to get out of this weather? With a smile she suggest to go our separate ways, find me again once you sober up, then she wrote her name and number on my cup. Thinking to my self I have the best luck.. Two days later as sober as i could be, I noticed she moved in the building across the street from me. With out hesitation I searched for my cup, I couldn’t find it with no such luck.. A week have passed now, missing her with every breath, my heart dropped with the news of her tragic death, back to the bar to drink my sorrows away but I couldn’t get my drink down because I heard her voice say. Do not be sad and drink your life away, I love you John and I’ll never go away, no drinks for me every since that day I’ve been sober for ten years now, living life and getting stronger with every living day..


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Drunken Love

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