I don't deserve you

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I don't deserve you.

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Submitted: March 18, 2018



I don't deserve you, no matter what you say. I don't deserve you at all. You're so beautiful that I can't find words. You're so nice and pretty. You say you love me, but I don't deserve you. You deserve someone much better than me. I'm just dead weight. I drag you down. I deserve being alone. Nobody should be dragged down by me. Especially not you. I should leave you alone, but I can't. You're like a drug to me. I'm high when I'm with you. I really love you, but you shouldn't be with me. There are many guys out there more worthy your beauty. I'm not one of them. As I said, "You are more beautiful than there are words to describe you". You should find someone who deserves you, a guy that isn't me. I don't deserve the time you spend with me. I don't deserve anything that you do for me. You should do something you want to do. I'm just in the way. You make my day easier, but I don't deserve it.

I want to be yours, I truly do. But I don't deserve to call you mine. I've done horrible things, as Charles Dickens said, "What is done, can't be undone". I deserve to be alone. Die in this river of anger, loneliness, and regrets. Nobody should need to meet me. I'm just a burden. I'm in the way and I'm making you feel different than you should. When I'm there you feel sorry for me, but you should feel happy. Be the person you're meant to be, the person you were before I ruined everything. I'm not meant to have friends or a girlfriend. I should just sit in a corner, alone, forever.

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