Kenny's Lucky Day

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I think this was my first Story I ever wrote on a computer back in 2013. I probably don't have the file anymore, so I decided to try to rewrite it in 2017 with what I remembered from the original

The story talks about Kenny, a 10 years old guy which is passing through one of his best days of life.

Kenny's Lucky Day (2013/2017)

Introduction to the 2017 Rewrite 

Kenny's Lucky Day was originally written in 2013, when Solister was only 10 years old. Actually, the story file was lost, but Solister remember the story plot and a few details to make this rewrite possible. This story also has this importance, because it's the first story written by Solister. 

As the original file was lost, some adaptions were need to be made, such as the original character name, which Solister didn't remember, so he decided to use "Kenny", also because to a reference to another story Solister wrote a few years later, Kenny's Diary, in 2015 (Not translated to English). 


Kenny is a 10 years old student, don't like the school so much, but tries to study at his best, never got low grades and tries to survive as a 5th grade student. At school, he has interest in Lucy, and always wanted to talk with her someday. 

Kenny's Lucky Day

It was a spring morning in 2013, when Kenny's mom called him to wake up and take his breakfast: 

- Kenny, you must wake up, you need to take your breakfast and goes to school. 

 A bit sleepy, Kenny woke up and went to the bathroom, there he did his necessities and washed his face. He went down to the kitchen where he would take his breakfast. When he went there, he picked a new cereal box and opened it, while putting the cereal into the bowl, something strange falls into the bowl, it's one of the minifigures present on the cereal prize. He removed it, looked at it and put it on the table. He picked the milk in the refrigerator and put it on the cereal bowl, and started to eat his breakfast. 

After eating, he went to his bedroom to put his school uniform, and then he picked his backpack and went to the school. During the walk, he found something shining in the sidewalk, he didn't recognize that and picked it. It was a 5¢ coin, he became pretty happy with that. 

At the school, he went to his class and sat there while waited the teacher comes to the class. A few minutes of waiting, while talking with some friends, his teacher comes and in a few seconds some students started to talk with the teacher: 

- Teacher, does you have corrected our tests? 

- Yes, I'll start delivering now 

The teacher startsto distribute the tests. Kenny didn't have any idea if he went good or not, so he wasn't waiting a good or bad grade, when he was called, a surprise, he got the max note, that was something incredible for him, it's not always he get those types of things. 

He passed through the classes living as normal, he didn't notice anything different from the usual, in fact that was a pretty good day for him, but he didn't link all those happens. After all the classes he went to the snack breaks. Kenny always were interested on a girl called Lucy, but they never met or talked before, and in every snackbreak,Kenny looks what she isdoing. But something unexpected happened on this day. 

While watching his friends playing soccer in the school court, someone went to him and started to talk with Kenny: 

- Hey Kenny, what's up? 

 It was Lucy, the girl he always was interested, Kenny tried to maintain calm and talk with her while he looked at her beautiful face and hairs. With nothing much to talk with her, they just complied and back to watch the soccer games. Immediately, the Kenny's brain entered on a confusing and lovely situation, Kenny started to sweat as trying to take conscience of what happened. 

The alarm rang warning the end of the snack break, and Solister went back to his class, but without thinkin something that wasn't Lucy. He passed the two last classes thinking on her and finally went back to home. 

There he started to play a game on his Notebook, he is locked onto a level he can't pass since the last three days. He tried to do everything on that little room of the game, and after doing things in a different order, Kenny finally could pass that level. He started to notice all those things and link that this day has been a very lucky day for him. When his mom comes, Kenny was awaiting her and she asked: 

- Hey Kenny, how was your day? 

- It was awesome! I'm very lucky today! 

- Wow, that's nice. 

- May should I try my look on a Casino? 

- What? You aren't so grow up to do those things! 

While listening the talk, his dad says: 

- Well, if Kenny is saying he is a lucky day, why don't? 

- Please mom, the minimum age for the casino is 10 years old, I'm already 10. 

- Ok Kenny, but you'll need to use your own money. 

  A little unbelieved, they went to the Casino. There Kenny found tree gangster sat at the table waiting a fourth player. Kenny went there. When Kenny's mom realizes, she said: 

- Kenny, are you crazy? You'll lost all your money in the first round! 

- Believe on me, mom. 

Kenny went there and sat at the table. In an ironic voice, one of the gangster said: 

- Hey little kid, here isn't the table for the candies... 

The other two gangsters started to laugh. Kenny serious replied: 

- I know, I came here for play. 

One of the gangsters started to distribute the cards, Kenny paid the maximum attention to see if no one was cheating. And Kenny started to play. They were playing Poker, Kenny was confident, he had bet a quarter of his money. The gangster stayed a few unbelieved with Kenny, but he was playing pretty well. After some minutes of playing, Kenny said: 

- I think I won. 

He showed his cards and he really has won, no one could believe on that, Kenny took his money and went talk with her parents. After that they went back to home, meanwhile the gangster was indignant. At home, his parents start questing them: 

- Kenny, how you did that? 

- I was on a lucky day, I said that. 

After trying to believe in Kenny and follow their normal life, they went sleep with a few more of money. 

The End 

Submitted: March 18, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Solister. All rights reserved.

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