Both The Hands Of My Creator

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Even if the entire world kicked me brutally in my rear; not accepting me for my aberrant behavior and eccentric way of living,

Even if the entire world considered me as an untouchable; repelling a thousand meters away from me; complaining about foul stench,

Even if the entire world perceived me as horrendously black; a profoundly appalling sight to confront with even in the blackest of night,

Even if the entire world thought me to be an imbecile buffoon; not possessing the ability to converse eloquently; stuttering miserably at every word I spoke,

Even if the entire world conceived me to be cold ice; lazily staring into open space without moving a single finger in the day,

Even if the entire world banged me incorrigibly hard in the stomach; kept me famished for fortnights on the trot under the sweltering fire ball of Sun,

Even if the entire world banished me from every religion; stripping me of my rustic attire; incarcerating each part of my body in hideously gleaming chains,

Even if the entire world laughed at me incessantly for my indigenous and village like voice; vehemently condemned me for not adhering to the norms of the supremely sophisticated society,

Even if the entire world refrained to talk to me; sneering at me scornfully for not following a spurious chain of religious policies,

Even if the entire world spat at me for growing an abysmally long beard; not walking on the roads with my arms and legs perfectly aligned and in excellent synchronization,

Even if the entire world whipped me for choosing an unconventional path of writing poetry; not marching towards office at the stringent unfurling of 9 'O' clock in the morning; interacting with an ambience overwhelmingly laden with glamour and stupendous gaiety,

Even if the entire world tenaciously opposed my virtue of speaking the most bitter of truth; lying naked on the streets when I could I have easily earned millions by uttering a string of blatant lies,

Even if the entire world furtively chalked policies to defeat me; plotting nefarious schemes to over topple me behind my back,

Even if the entire world addressed me by a volley of incoherent abuse; flooding my innocent ears with nothing else but indiscriminate tunes of malice,

Even if the entire world rejected me for my stubborn ideals; ubiquitously propagating all mankind,

Even if the entire world orphaned me; shutting their doors savagely on my face with the onset of chill and shimmering twilight,

Even if the entire world stood like an invincible fortress in my way; not letting me and my beloved breathe the slightest; strangulating us with their barbaric norms and ways,

Even if the entire world discarded me like a pack of burnt matchsticks; placing me in a remote iron prison high on the summit of the mountains,

And inspite of all this; I would still be the happiest man on this earth; would feel the most blessed of all; as I had both the hands of my creator harboring me from all sides; seeing to it and immortally ensuring that each fantasy of mine converted itself into a veritable reality.

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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