Broken Hearts

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Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Submitted: March 18, 2018



In order to resurrect the broken nose; one needed to perform adroit surgery,

In order to recondition broken hair; one needed to scrub them profusely with silken shampoo,

In order to mend the broken mirror; one needed to reinforce it with pellucid strips of glass,

In order to remold the broken mountain; one needed to impregnate it abundantly with giant chunks of loose mud,

In order to reform the broken sentence; one needed to harness it articulately with coherent words,

In order to recharge the broken lake; one needed inundate it open-heartedly with sparkling water,

In order to rehabilitate the broken house; one needed to embed its hollow spaces with commensurately burnt bricks,

In order to refurbish the broken orchard; one needed to plant foliated trees; embody every barren patch of soil with salubrious seedlings,

In order to restore the broken web; one needed to let loose in it an armory of venomous spiders,

In order to revitalize broken eyes; one needed to dip them in a tissue drenched with tangy cologne,

In order to revive the broken mind; one needed to fantasize unrelentingly night and day,

In order to repair the broken nest; one needed to stuff it with a conglomerate of corrugated sticks,

In order to reconstruct the broken watch; one needed to synchronize it meticulously with needles and machinery,

In order to reform the broken city; one needed to work in tandem and perfect synergy to accomplish this Herculean task,

In order to rebuild the broken bones; one needed to consume astronomical
amounts of solid calcium,

In order to rejuvenate the broken senses; one needed to listen to enchanting music; dance animatedly under the resplendent moon,

In order to remake broken clay; one needed to knead it dexterously into marvelous silhouettes,

In order to reshape the broken gutter; one needed to fumigate the fetid rivulets of sewage; under stringent rays of the sun,

In order to rekindle broken relations; one needed to live in harmony with evergreen nature,

And In order to reinstate a BROKEN HEART; one needed to impart it the love it perpetually desired; blend its pulsating beats with the person whom it longed for; the entity whom it uninhibitedly loved.

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