The Fight

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Two groups of college students decide to fight an MMA tournament outside their rooms. the story has a few alternate endings.

The Fight 

 I knew it was time to fight him, and besides, I wasn’t gonna be staying in the campus for long. With the guy forcing me to falsely confess that the story of him owing me money through his lies and shit. I thought he was just a petty jerk, but I wasn’t near prepared for the sheer amount of crap that would come from his mouth over the next few weeks, the wardens had already given up on this, they, and we, had no way to prove that he was the one who asked for my money I the first place. The wardens had already given up on me, they said that I had to leave the campus, that I was in way too much trouble to continue safely, so before I had done that, we had organized an MMA event in the lane outside.

I had more help and support for this event than our opponents would like to admit. My roommate was a veteran of this incredibly crime-ridden school in Patna, he had been in at least 30 serious fights throughout his school years and often boasted that he could beat up anyone from any school. I was with him for hours at a time in the last week, he told me all the basic stuff about beating up people like my opponent, I knew it would work if I carried it out, groin striking and eye gouging, joint locks to be used to great advantage, but all this stuff wasn’t guaranteed to help me win.

I had another friend, his roommate was a national level boxer, I was sparring with him for a total of about 4 hours for the past 1 week, he taught me to keep my hands up and chin down, reminded me of the footwork needed in a fight against the guy I was up against, who was stronger than me, despite not being nearly as strong as he should be for his size. Boxing is way harder than it looks, I may have had a strong imagination, fair reflexes (which were admittedly kinda slow), and the strength and endurance to keep up full contact sparring for several minutes before being put down, but that was nothing against the guy I sparred with.

My friend Aditya had grown up around the rough streets of Dehli, he had watched enough fights to know how to beat the guy or any of his friends, and his friend Tanmay was a graduate of a military academy, Tanmay was another sparring partner of mine, I sparred with him for a total of about 3 hours the week up today. This guy could kick pretty effectively, and he was fast and agile as well. Sparring with him enforced in me the weakness of kicks, how they temporarily put the person who throws them off balance, on one leg, a good kicker would minimize this vulnerability, but we both were pretty sure that guy didn’t even know how to throw a kick without leaving himself open. We knew as he had tried to kick me before. He also taught me a bunch of military-style grappling holds, how to stay on one’s feet, and how to take punches without being overwhelmed by them.

Last and greatest of all was the great Maninder, he was 3 years older than the rest of us, and was only in the first year as he failed to get into the third year at his previous college, Maninder was said to be very strong and capable of taking on entire gangs at once. He was not a member of our college hostels, meaning that he could simply walk away from beating someone up and face no consequences, and even if he did, he didn’t care about whatever trouble the wardens would put him in, as long as he beat someone for a just cause. I had met this guy once, I tried arm wrestling with him, but he had the strength of a lion, with bulging biceps that showed up like covered rock through his long sleeves, and I heard that he was just joking when he beat me, that this guy could do 3 sets of 50 chin-ups (much harder than regular pushups), at his weight of 89kgs, though the guy who told me this was probably exaggerating, I could see his point. Maninder told me a few stories about fights he had been in in the past, including the time when he punched out a gangster with one solid blow to the temple, and broke another guys jaw, causing the third man to flee in fear. The budding gang was never heard from again. Maninder was also a competitive javelin thrower and spent 18,000 every month on his gym trainer. Who was said to be a star bodybuilder and pro wrestler.

On the same week, I was practicing my fighting skills, others were deciding the rules. It took some arguing, but they finally decided that anything went except for eye gouging, groin attacking, and intentionally raping your opponent, I didn’t like the last rule, I wanted to put my shoe up that guys ass so bad, but if not, so what. The fight would take place in the corridor outside both of our rooms, at least 2 people would videotape all of the fights, and the number of additional cameramen didn’t matter after the first 2. The ones who were guaranteed to film our fights were my roommate, and Aditya (who had finally freed up space on his phone). Anyone who was not fighting at a particular moment was expected to calm down the scene and deter unwanted aggression.

The eve of the fight arrived, Raghav had come with 4 of his friends, One of them, a short whitish guy with stubble, had helped the huge Raghav beat me up the previous month, another one was a thin modestly tall person with a face as pale as a ghost and sharply angled eyebrows, who was wearing a jacket, reminded me of a greaser, the third was this big thickly built guy of at least 6 feet tall with brown wavy hair, the fourth was this nerdy guy with glasses, about my size.

We decided to not let anyone else into the scene, as we had waited a full 20 minutes for the first 4 of his friends alone, the tournament was to be with the first comes only, besides, if we waited any longer to start, a bunch of big tough guys was bound to come, so it wouldn’t be worth it, though Maninder wanted to fight one of those big guys.

Everyone’s opponents were decided. My roommate Kirti was to fight with Raghav, good news, as I could see the fear in Raghav’s eyes. I was to fight with the nerd boy Divyanshu, but Divyanshu said that he would be filming the fight, thus I went up against the guy with the stubble, who I did not know the name of.  This was the first fight of the evening.

The people watched as they surrounded us, my friends and his friends alike were mixed together, and this time, it was Harsh that made the call. We stepped towards each other, and I initiated the fight by graspinging at the guys left arm. He saw it coming, moving his arm out of the way and grabbed my left wrist with his other. I broke the grip he had on my left grip right at the time that a blow from him grazes my ear. He was stronger than he looked, I needed to act hard to handle him.

The blow to the ear was followed by him lunging at me, trying to tear me to the ground, I met his plexus with an elbow as he tore into me, crab grabbing my shoulders and trying to soccer kick my left shin as he tried to pull me to the ground. I grabbed his right elbow and tore it off of my shoulder while trying to use to use my other arm to lock his elbow. He maneuvered his shoulder to stop his elbow bending the wrong way, and I found myself yanking the guy's arm toward me as I maneuvered under him, momentarily lifting him onto my shoulder as I dumped him side first onto the ground, and stomped his belly just as he landed. I went to the ground to grapple him just as he was recovering, receiving a hammer to the nose in the process, and tried to wrap my left arm around his neck, but he tried to push it off with his left arm, he did the same when I tried to choke him with my right arm, but at that moment I managed to grab his skinny right forearm and pull it back as I wasted no time in getting my other arm to help this. I managed to do what I felt was a kimura lock on him. Pulling his rubber-like wrist back as hard as I could, but he was more than strong enough to lift me to his sitting position with his back, I lifted him off the ground, by the right arm that I held in a lock, getting him clear off of the ground. He tried to drive his free elbow into my face, and this pissed me off so I threw him onto the door, his flank landing square on the doorknob of the hostel room. He seemed hurt for a moment, then came at me with blinding rage, kicking me on the abdomen so hard that I was knocked onto the opposite door, I managed to avoid the doorknob, but still thudded onto the door. The kick strangely didn’t hurt, but I moved away before he had time to squarely kick me again, his second kick instead hitting the door, and I managed to shove him down, and used both my hands to grab his right ankle, getting out of the way of any serious kicks with his other leg, and lifting him upside down as I kicked at his bladder. My opponent, was struggling to free himself, and one of his kicks, a hard stomp-like blow, hit my left bicep tendon, I had to let go of him, he wouldn’t give up like this, it would only gas me out. I was about to kick him as he recovered, but my roommate signaled me to wait until he recovered to a stance, I knew Kirti was onto something. He took a few seconds longer to stand than I thought he would, he was worn down, but he didn’t run at me, he just stood there waiting, I walked onto him, avoiding a punch to the side of my neck, but he answered me with a shot to the nose, I never quite got used to getting hit in the nose, but I managed to grab his arm and punch him twice on the chin and temple. He freed his arm and managed to hit me in the jaw, worse, I could feel that my wrist was hurt from landing the temple punch a bit off. He blocked my attempt to knife hand his neck. Before he had time for his own blow, I knee struck him right on the centre of gravity, and to my delight, he was down. This time I pounced him on the ground, falling beside him, and finally managed to get a chokehold around his neck, wasting no time  solidifying it with my other hand. I simply forced the choke with all my might, the pumping adrenalin must have doubled my strength, as I hear my face was beet red at this moment. My grip was strengthened by delight as I felt him weaken so rapidly, the others shouted at me to let go, and one of them, Aditya, almost had to tear me off of him. For a moment I was worried that I had severely hurt this guy, but he got back up after several seconds, I had won.

Sumit saw his friend defeated, and barred his teeth for the fight against Aditya Shukla the next fight of the evening. Aditya was modestly bigger than Sumit, but he had suffered multiple ligament tears and dislocations a few years before when his friend pranked by pushing his arm forward as he was bench pressing 60kgs. It was years ago, and Aditya now claimed that he could still handle a short fight. He looked fine to me, but in the back of my head I was worried.

We had Sumit and Aditya’s start about 5 feet away from each other, and they both walked towards each other.  They tepidly circled each other as both if them were waiting for the other to strike first, and after a tense period of about a minute, Sumit feinted a jab to the face, but Aditya was unfazed and hook punched Sumit of his right flank, following it with a stomp kick to his opponents left hip, right at the joint. The blow, while not seriously hurting Sumit, was enough to make him stumble off balance for a brief moment and flail his arm to stop himself from falling over. This gave Aditya just enough time to tear Sumit sideways, to the ground, but he broke the fall, as Aditya kicked his momentarily unguarded solar plexus, a swift Korean style kick that Sue had no time to catch, making him fall on his front. Aditya stomped him on the back when Sumit was still down. He then let Sumit rise. It was at this moment that both combatants realized the fight would be too long and hot for it to be convenient for both of them to wear heavy jacket, we gave both of them permission to take of their coats. Thus, Sumit took of his leather jacket and Aditya removed his blue hoodie. The fight was reset after that.

The second round was where Sumit probably recalled the thing about the fight having lax rules, he decided to carry his jacket as a weapon for the second round. He took his jacket in his arm, and before Aditya realized what it meant, he rapidly paced the few feet to Aditya and sealed his face with his jacket. Spectators on both sides shouted as he attempted to tie the sleeves around Aditya’s neck. Aditya however knew he had to counter Sumit’s grasp. He grabbed Sumit’s right wrist with both of his hands and pushed it away from himself, this was enough to loosen Sumit’s jackets grip, as Aditya tried to bend back Sumit’s wrist. Sumit had very flexible wrists, it didn’t affect him, as Aditya was trying to duck under Sumit’s jacket, Sumit dealt him a hard-front kick to Aditya’s stomach. Aditya fell back, while Sumit took his jacket in both arms, but as he fell back, Aditya got his jacket, holding it stretched in both arms the same way Sumit was.

Sumit dealt another front kick, straight to the kidney, and it hit, Aditya didn’t notice. Sumit tried to warp his jacket around Aditya’s head and neck a second time, but Aditya pushed against it with his hoodie , then slipped the grip on his own coat and grabbed his opponents coat as hard as he could, soon getting both his arms around it. At this moment he stomped Sumit’s toes as hard as he could, but Sumit was unaffected. He was still trying to pull back his jacket. Aditya jumped on Sumit, Sumit didn’t expect this, and the force and fact Sumit was still trying to pull back his jacket ensured that he fell backward as Aditya grabbed Sumit’s jugular veins with his right hand as he could, causing Sumit to shout in pain. Sumit tried to pull away, and he managed to do so, but the back of his head nearly bashed into the ground, his tightly up curled neck prevented this.

Sumit used one of his arms to throw Aditya off, while the other was to block Aditya’s arms form his neck. Aditya managed to push away the latter arm, and grasped Sumit’s neck with both of his hands as hard as he could. He did this as he was being pushed off by Sumit, and the torsion added to the damage.

He whacked his opponents neck as Aditya did this, Aditya held on as he tried to remove Aditya’s hands from his neck. In desperation, Sumit peeled Aditya’s finger off his neck, but Aditya remounted him as he did this, and tried to punch Sumit’s trachea, a blow which didn’t quite hit its target, but Aditya followed it by smashing his opponents nose and hastily grabbing Sumit’s right arm, as Sumit tried to use his jacket, still in his hands, to muffle his opponent. It wasn’t enough, the joint lock on his elbow was all but threatening to break his arm in half, and Aditya dragged it, making it even worse.

Sumit’s friends were shouting for him to continue, but he had to stop it there, he knew it was too dangerous to continue, and Aditya was breathing just fine under his jacket, it wouldn’t stifle him any time soon, meaning he would have sever joint injury before his opponent would have even started to be choked. The second fight was stopped right here, Aditya Shukla had won.

It was all too easy to predict the outcome of the third fight. Kirti Kishore vs Raghav, tough nice guy vs mega jerk. If Kirti was even half the fighter he claimed to be, he would dismantle Raghav in seconds, despite the fact that Raghav was at least 40 pounds heavier than he was, but I had learned the hard way that Raghav knew nothing bout how to actually fight. And he couldn’t even punch hard. Kirti on the other hand, may have been only 5’9 and 72kgs, vs Raghav’s 6’1 and 90ish kgs, but Kirti had the experience of being in over 30 fights in his school days, the incredibly crime ridden DAV Patna. He had won an incredible 22 of these fight, and those guys weren’t joking, they had no morals. Kirti was said to have once broken a guy’s skull with a single barehanded hammer punch to the crown. Besides, Raghav was scared to death by him, and I could see it. He had confidently told me that he would beat Raghav to pulp.

The referee was swapped to Maninder, as it was Kirti for the first 2 fights. And Maninder called it to start. Raghav had no idea of Kirti’s prowess, and he tried to walk through him to get to me, Kirti pushed him off, Raghav was lighter than Kirti had expected, and Kirti could push him back way easier than he thought he could. He wasted no time in flipping Raghav to the floor, then letting him get back up. The second time Raghav extended his arm too far trying to got to him, and Kirti caught his arm with both hands, pulling him to the ground. Punching him as hard as he could on the temple as he toppled, dazed. He managed to arise, I thought he had no chance now, but his fight had just started.

I knew all too well that he, Kirti and Aditya Shukla were masters of the game Shadow fight 2 and other personal combat games. I also knew that Raghav used to insist to me that he was in a pact to a powerful supernaturally gifted master of black magic, but black magic isn’t real right, and that why he was in trouble with me and my friends for, besides, the one thing being beaten up by him taught me was that his gaming skill didn’t translate into actual fighting skill, or did it. I could see him bettering his stance as he arose. Kirti smiled, he was bored of fighting such an unworthy opponent. Then I saw a disturbing sign, his expression changed drastically, to look like a different much more intelligent person. It wasn’t a different emotion or something, he simply seemed like a different person, with the same body. One that was smarter and far readier to fight. I am not exaggerating by any means that he seemed like a different person. I had been reassured for weeks that black magic wasn’t real, but his observance made me vividize the time I thought it was.

Kirti stepped towards his opponent. He noticed his swapping of soul quite clearly, but it did not scare him, Kirti had no fear of death. He put his left hand up at an angle, to block any hand strikes from Raghav, and when he was in striking range he let Raghav throw a punch to his jaw, which he slipped as he stepped in even closer and swung his elbow at Raghav’s jaw, Raghav caught the fast strike with his left hand, and Kirti hook punched Raghav’s neck before Raghav could get either of his hands to stop Kirti’s hand. Kirti attempted to follow this up with a solid hook to his opponent’s temple, but Raghav managed to simultaneously knee strike him away and catch his right hand, even managing to catch his left hand as he attempted to use it to hammer strike his rival’s head.

I could see surprise in Kirti’s expression, but he was physically unfazed. Knowing that his favourite groin strike wasn’t allowed, he stomped his foe over his bladder, hard enough to cause him to urinate involuntarily, but Raghav didn’t even seem to notice that he had pissed his pants. He changed his hands to be better positioned for grappling, and leg kicked Kirti, displaying marvellous athleticism. Kirti’s solid leg refused to buckle under the hard strike, and Kirti responded with a leg kick of his own, in the brief moment that Raghav was unable to check it, causing his foot to shift a bit off position as he attempted to grab Kirti by the hip. Kirti was too far away for him to take him down, and Kirti knew that and hammered Raghav on his head and the base of his neck in rapid succession as he bent his hips away from Raghav and turned to Raghav’s side, managing to superman punch Raghav on the jaw muscle, breaking his jaw from the base. He managed to hook the back of Raghav’s head as he grabbed his right arm in a Kimura and stomped the outside of Raghav’s knee as he turned around. Kirti took advantage of the brief moment he was a bit off balance to lift Raghav sideways off the ground and dump him like the overstuffed garbage bag he was. Kicking the side of his diaphragm as he fell. He let Raghav rise again, I had never seen him like this. It seemed like he like the noble challenge that Raghav was giving, and really really liked beating Raghav to pulp with his superior fighting skills. I had always thought that Kirti didn’t like to fight, but I would now guess that Raghav made an important exception. Raghav tried to kick Kirti’s flank, and Kirti countered with a front kick to his opponents COG, one which caused Raghav to move back a bit, but he kept his balance, and I had a feeling that the flank kick by Raghav did hurt Kirti, tough he dared not show it.

I was all set to watch the epic show unfold, but that was when we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We knew they were the voices of people large in size, and as more and more heads turned away from the fight, we saw them. Five guys each at least 6 feet tall, huge young men that all looked very strong. We confidently told them that we were in an MMA tournament, and that Raghav and Kirti were the current combatants. They looked at Raghav, noticing his bruised neck and broken jaw, and pretended that they admired our work. One of us had the balls to tell them that Raghav had extorted money from me. But I saw our biggest opponent, the one scheduled to fight with Maninder, come to their defense.

He claimed that we weren’t fairly fighting with his friends. And they believed him, as his side was far more injured than we were. I could see their anger grow as he claimed we had attacked them without their prior knowledge seriously hurting them. He even claimed that we had threatened to rape their girlfriends and murder them on the campus, with no fear of consequences. He claimed that all of us were psychopaths and gangsters, and that we had called this notorious gang in the city to murder Raghav and get away with it. We tried to tell the big boys that it wasn’t all true, but they refused to believe us, and walked towards us to fight. I saw Kirti and Maninder brace themselves. The rest of us followed them, as we knew they had experience.

Maninder made the first move, smashing a guys nose to a fall of blood and kicking a second guy in the balls. The second guy backed off, but the other 4 kept on. Kirti managed to groin strike another guy, but it didn’t stop him. He and Maninder met the 4 with full force, even as the big guy, Maninder’s scheduled opponent, went from our group went to help them. All of my friends went to help Kirti and Maninder, and most of the law students tried to help Raghav’s big goons, but I saw one guy, Divyanshu, help us instead, I it gave us hope.

We were tough, but so were the goons. Tanmay and another guy were keeping our heavyweight opponent engaged while the rest of us were in a rumble with the guys on the other side. These guys were all very strong, and we were pilling on injuries as we fought them. It wasn’t long before many of my friends had bruises and bloody noses, but we hung on. A goon managed to grab my friend and throw him headfirst to the ground. Another manged to throw me down the stairs. I saw another guy get floored by a cross punch, another had his shoulder dislocate by a blow from Kirti and got brutally body slammed as Kirti was knocked over from a side kick by a goon, he recovered. I saw Aditya poke out someone eye, still failing to stop him.

It was just then that I saw more people come up the staircase. I saw that it was not a few, but an entire mob of at least 40 senior students. They broke up the fight, then asked me who was guilty of taking my money. Me and my friends immediately pointed to Raghav and said that the goons were sent by him to beat us up. They managed to single out Raghav from the mess, and took him to a place just outside the hostel, somehow convincing the gate guard.

I had heard that what happened outside was unbelievable. Someone had called the notorious Randi gang, and they had come there with weapons, crowbars, knifes, large sticks, metal rods and the like. I heard that they had threatened to murder Raghav outside the campus after beating him with sticks and rods. And held him at knifepoint asking for my money. Raghav flatly refused to do so and confidently denied extorting it in the first place. When the gang continued to thrash him, the master appeared.

Yes, he appeared, a deathly scary looking guy with the ochre yellow body and jet-black eyes that looked like the were sucking light into them. It had caused the gang to cower in fear, especially as a few members dropped dead and a few more fell unconscious. The master y said that all of our friends would die if I tried to take back his money. I guessed that his magic was indeed real, and am now worried that the master may kill me.

If master didn’t come and the gang called Raghav directly

Its been five days since the meeting of the 25-person mob with the master. I didn’t get to see this particular part of the story, but since I’ve been hearing so much about it, I guess that I could write it down. Raghav went down with 8 of his friends. And was met by the 13 member Randi gang outside the campus, they confronted him and started brandishing weapons at him, rebar rods and stones and knives and the like. Maninder Jakher and 3 of his buddies were there, and so was Tanmay, though he kept his distance from the extremely volatile crowd. Raghav and his friends tried to run away, but the gang cornered them and started to beat them, they soon got to Raghav and pulled him away from the crowd, striking out his friends with iron rods and wooden clubs and such as they tried to keep him in their group. When Raghav tried to deny his guilt, the gang took no time in looking right through his lies, 3 of their members threw him on the ground, while 3 more used a lathi, tree branch and iron rod respectively to beat him till he vomited, The others were simultaneously tying him up and the rest of the gang were helping Maninder hold back Raghav’s friends, Maninder was a lot more brutal than I thought he was.

Very soon Raghav was unconscious and enough of his friends had been slashed stabbed or taken out for the rest of them to flee in fear. As Raghav fell unconscious the gang put a cloth soaked in some chemical to ensure that he slept for the next few hours at least, and they carried him to one of their cars and drove him away to some secret village hut, I heard that they had forced his father to pay a 50000 rupee ransom fee before he was returned to the university, the gang is now under the commissioners investigation. 




Gang weapons:

Light enough to run vey fast with, but enough to kill or seriously injure:

1.Hockey stick *2

2.Tree branch

3.Rope. hammer

4.Inhalant cloth, bottle

Rebar rod

Coconut knife

Cane knife


Barbed wire

Sharpened wood stick

Metal spike

Nylon string

Closed pipe

Many of the gang wanted to get cricket bats, but they were advised against it due to the bulk possibly slowing the down, the gangs getaway drivers were armed with modified cricket bats and knives, the leader had a revolver pistol with him in his car. 


Better Idea:

I am a tennis player who was recently watching the collage sports festival, I met a guy who was the elder friend of two of the visiting female tennis players, and told him the story of how this guy took my money, he claimed to be able to get people to help me beat up this guy, he said he would get ten people to the campus, and call Raghav for them to beat him up, he wouldn’t spare a single part of his body, I thought that Raghav’s magic turning out to be real would be a good twist, but what if it wasn’t, and what if I was the one who called the gang, and made excuses about it later.




If the goons and gang didn’t arrive:(and the gang was different) new version


Raghav had just managed to kick the side of Kirti’s abdomen, which seemed to be vulnerable, but it didn’t stop Kirti, Despite the fact that Raghav was fighting miraculously well with no fear of hurt, Kirti was still clearly the superior fighter. He grabbed Raghav by the hair as he attempted to take him down, ad managed to punch Raghav’s already fractured jaw, causing the bone to tear through the skin and the other side of the jaw to be dislocated, it was a gruesome sight, and Raghav finally seemed to feel pain for the first time in the fight. Letting Kirti the ground, Kirti punched Raghav’s mid abdomen when he was put down, but the blows simply bounced off of his large belly. “He’ll lose weight from this”, I thought as I looked at Raghav’s mangled jaw. Kirti quickly grabbed Raghav’s left leg as Raghav tried to kick him away, which only helped Kirti throw him off balance, Raghav grabbed Kirti’s shirt to stop his fall, and Kirti stayed upright, wasting no time in straight punching Raghav on his neck temple and nose replenishing the fall of blood, he pushed down Raghav’s hand as he attempted to gouge his eyes with it, and angrily punched Raghav’s jaw another time, Raghav’s upper teeth were broken as his jaw dangle loose, Raghav attempted to pull my roommate’s shirt against his front neck to choke him, but Kirti pulled oppositely, and his shirt tore under the force. This enraged Kirti, and Raghav’s psychotic rage was aggravated by Kirti trying to hammer punch Raghav’s upper body and kick out his knees, Maninder had to stop the fight there, pushing Kirti away from Raghav, we all looked at the sight of Raghav’s lose jaw, broken teeth and the bruises on his neck, his nose had a river of blood, his pants were drenched in his urine, and his shirt had drops of blood spattered on it. Maninder had to choke him nearly unconscious to slow his rage. But he didn’t stop his anger, and he fell unconscious from the chokehold he failed to escape. His rage was finally over as he woke up, and we simultaneously pacified Kirti which wasn’t nearly as hard as he knew he had won.

Raghav’s friends were enraged at our brutality and their losses, they had their last opponent psyched up fir his bout with Maninder, the strongest of us all, and said to be an even more experienced fighter than Kirti. The one who took out gangs, real ones, singlehandedly.

I looked at Maninder and his opponent. Our Maninder was 5foot11 and 89kgs, solid muscle with a flat stomach, but no ab definition, just a wall. His arms resembled those of a lions, and so did his bulging lats and traps, His muscular legs stretched out his pants as he walked. And he looked his opponent straight in the eye. No apprehensions.

His opponent was 2 inches taller than him, a strong sold block with light curled hair, unlike Raghav, his neck was solid and strong, his belly moderately large, but not quite poofing out, and very solid, His hips were wide and solid as stone, his legs were thick to match, and so were his arms, not cut, but I could see his large muscles, this guy was no joke.

They both put themselves in position to fight each other, Maninder’s opponent was left handed. He knew what this meant, only a fraction of his previous opponents was left-handed, but he would still go all out.

Kirti had already went away, as his friends were calling him to another part of the hostels, I briefly thought of competing with Sumit for the position of referee, but the fight was simply going to be until one guy had given up. We were all there to break it when that happened, and besides, I could score it in my head, as the scores didn’t matter. This was the final fight of the evening, both sides cheering their respective fighters on, the cries of fight, fight, fight growing louder, shouting blasphemy at the other side. The two fighters agreed to start the fight when they wanted to, and both sides cheered. I could hear that Maninder’s opponent's name was named Gaurav.

They paced around each other for a minute in the least, neither wanted to strike first for the pure reason that countering was much easier, but someone needs to strike at first, and it turned out to be Maninder.


Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Well since I just reread it, I noticed that besides just a bit of editing, this needs a prequel. The begging of the story didn't do such a good job of describing the motives for a set of college students to beat the crap out of each other. Improving the explanation would probably elongate it, which would delay the action, and wanton violence is the point of this story.

Tue, April 24th, 2018 3:57pm


Well done Saswat,
Great action scenes which are very intense and descriptive. Keep writing.

Fri, May 18th, 2018 7:37am


Well do you have any idea of how to improve this particular story.

Fri, May 18th, 2018 11:07am

Joy Shaw

I always enjoy a great fight scene. Nicely written. A few editing issues, but it kept my interest.

Wed, August 29th, 2018 11:29am

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