The Lyricist And The Singer

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Meet Ellie Salby, your everyday nerd who secretly writes songs for a hobby. Yet she doesnt know that she is very talented so she hides it with her mates. She is not pretty and she knows that. But
she is being bullied for rumours and her looks. Since her past she has no longer trusted men... But will Shane change that? Especially when the past turns back on her for the worse?

Also meet Shane! He is an everyday hottie. He sings plays guitar. And he is also single! But none of that lovey dovey stuff matters to him since he just makes out with girls once a week. He just
makes and leaves. But will Ellie change that?

~All songs belong to me and have been copyrighted so don't bother stealing them~

Table of Contents

You Don't Know

Quote of the day by me: If you judge someone by rumours if they judge you, It makes you just as bad as them. To have stereotypes. As ... Read Chapter

The Project

Quote of the day by me: In most cases, people say actions speak louder than words. But in my case, words are louder than actions. I m... Read Chapter

This Is My Ex

Quote of the day by me: An ex means nonexistent in someone else's lives. Not someone to hook up and forgive, no matter how sweet they are... Read Chapter

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