The Window in the Basement

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In my bedroom in the basement, there is a window which peers into the hidden layers of dirt outside, and whenever I sleep there, I feel as if someone, or something is watching, peering in on me from the darkness of the soil on the other side.

An eye, a finger, a nose, my imagination wildly weaves together a story of a man whose parts have been cut up, buried and scattered, all within my back yard, trying desperately to reunite within my bedroom for reasons beyond my human understanding. Every night, I stare up and into the glass of my window in the basement, searching for an eye that someday might find itself staring back at me.

Sometimes I swear that I can see a penis wriggling around like a worm, searching for its missing testicles.

And one night, a body part really does show up; a lone finger. I watch in paralyzed fear, as the deafening scratches dig into my eardrums like chalk on a board, and the fingernail pushes into the flexible pane of glass, scratching and scratching until a crack begins to form.

I must ignore this! It’s just a nightmare! An awful dream!

The window shatters, and I am hit by an avalanche of shards of glass, blood, and dirt. I try to scream, but a shriveled head covers my mouth, filling it like a gag. The massive pile of dirt pins me down under the blanket. Two fingers plug my nostrils, and I die within minutes, suffocating as I scream muffled screams.

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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