That moment,first friendship

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The scene emotions thoughts compassions colliding In the making One smile to another smile ,lips slightly sliding Mutually liking or personality just inviting As typing as the Emojis face of emotions does the hyping Or as better so similar cause it's exciting a face of silence but with self devotion that is so amazing it's saliva providing It can be the first ever for what friendship is truly real when keeping it real was a never A quick shift as a pull of a lever "want to grab a beverage?you cold won't my sweater" Whatever gender compassion is the best kinship to perfection and happiness it's adjacent "I do you better your name and face to me is idk we're strangers your an unknown number but awaken me from the slumber of bored in any game such as 2k18 come get destroyed" "It's on" dapts on (happy sigh) friendship such a common-call to relaxing and smiling

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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