The Drunk

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Horror. Humour. Flash Fiction.

Submitted: March 18, 2018

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Submitted: March 18, 2018



The Drunk


  Drunks will try any kind of perversity, when they're drunk.

Some will try to hang themselves, some will try to jump

into a fire, some will try homosexual sex, some will lay down

in the middle of the road. The list goes on, the alcoholic is 

never short of new things to try on his journey to rock bottem.

  My own worst folly was after my regular tipple at " Pleasure's

Wine Bar " when I became entranced by Lucy's red piebald

mass of hair, and her gargoyle face.

  I wheeled her mass of bones and limbs in her wheelchair, like

a grotesque garden gnome, from the wine bar to my home, and 

somehow managed to lift her fat chaotic cellulite form onto my bed.

  My nostrils took in her unique aroma of unwashed flesh, vomit 

stained clothes, and the smell of ancient alcohol on her breath.

  I eventually liberated her from her putrid clothes, and tried to love

her with all the fervour I could muster, but of course I failed, and 

collapsed upon my bed, as she cried...

 - Don't stop! Don't stop! More! More!

  And then I saw strange vegatable shoots and suckers grow from

her womanhood, and attach to my flesh, and felt them suck

every last drop of testosterone from my eighty-eight year old


  My hand reached for the whisky bottle, safe within my bedside drawer!


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