Artemis Fowl: Judgement Day

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This story takes place shortly after Artemis Fowl: The Unpredictable Future as a continuation. Artemis will have to make daring decisions that could affect the lives of millions, Fairy and Human

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Submitted: March 18, 2018

I was happy with how the first story played out, but I was unhappy that I couldn't finish the whole story in 30 or less chapters. I take this as a personal challenge to write a more interesting
story for the characters. I do not believe this story will have any of the dirty stuff that the first book had and will focus more on the realism of the situations they've found themselves in. I
really hope I can finish this story strong and that it will be just as entertaining as the last.
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Feigned Innocence

Submitted: March 19, 2018

The chapters are going to be a lot longer in this story than before. It's just how the scenes played out. As I'm writing through this, i keep thinking to myself, "Whoever wrote this is a real
A-hole" because when I finish writing it and reread it, i dislike the situations that have to take place for them.
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Old Friends, Old Enemies

Submitted: March 19, 2018

The 1st chapter was nearly pointless to the story. It was just a really in depth insight to Artemis' mindset since Holly's departure.
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What Could Have Been

Submitted: March 20, 2018

I'm so excited to see how Minerva will play her part in this story. In case you haven't noticed, I don't really think out the situations until they happen. I think they become more fluid that way.
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Moving Forward

Submitted: March 21, 2018

So much drama. I almost dislike it. By everything that makes sense, Holly should be with Trouble and Artemis should be with Minerva, but love doesn't have to make sense. I really wanted to
emphasize the end scene of the chapter 3. So many times out there, someone confesses their feelings. the moment they are rejected, those "feelings" immediately change to hatred and scorn. Love is
an absolute good and will not change even if you want it to. Minerva seemed like the perfect candidate to get that message across.
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Sweet Sweets

Submitted: March 23, 2018

Of course Mulch had to be involved in the next Artemis adventure, lets see exactly how important he will be later on. I sincerely feel horrible for what I'm doing to Minerva. She deserves so much
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Until Next Time

Submitted: March 24, 2018

As I write some of these segments, I write them depending on which character's perspective is present. In the first few chapters, it was written in Artemis' perspective. In the prison, it is
written in Holly's perspective. I wanted to try and give Opal a try. Her chapter was a little shorter than I wanted it to be, but I think it serves its' purpose.
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Lady Luna

Submitted: April 02, 2018

Things are certainly getting dramatic for everyone.
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Minerva's Midnight Serenade

Submitted: April 03, 2018

I hate what I'm doing to Minerva... Is Artemis crossing the line here?
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A Slight Insight

Submitted: April 13, 2018

Quite the dream Artemis had. Or was it a dream? Who knows?
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C'est La Vie

Submitted: April 14, 2018

Opal might have finally cracked the secret of the beads. One day left until the big escape. What will happen next?
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Puzzle Pieces

Submitted: April 17, 2018

It's finally time for Artemis to put his plan into action. He has certainly grown to understand the feelings of the heart. I don't know if this is the last we will see of Minerva, but she is a bit
sneakier than I thought she could be.
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Problem Number One

Submitted: April 20, 2018

I'm glad Trouble was able to put up a fight until the very end... He deserved better.
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Happy Birthday

Submitted: July 16, 2018

I'm glad I can finally introduce N°1 into the story. Opal has always been such a wild card, even at this moment, i dont know what to do with her. Trouble Kelp. You will be missed.
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Splitting Image

Submitted: August 19, 2018

I'm not quite done with Minerva and Butler.
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Adding Fuel To The Fire

Submitted: August 19, 2018

I knew I wanted to include the Past Opal for some time. I wanted to have her in the Unpredictable Future, but I don't think she would've fit well. We are slowly approaching the climax of the story.
Let's see how far we can get.
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The Game Plan

Submitted: August 20, 2018

I feel like Holly never really had that moment to dwell on Julius' death. To the extent of my knowledge, she's never actually had time to mourn him. Things are starting to get tense though.
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All Is Fair

Submitted: August 21, 2018

Gahhhh Just... Gahhhh.
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In Love And War

Submitted: August 23, 2018

  Outside of Haven    Holly was pacing back and forth in... Read Chapter

The End Game

Submitted: August 26, 2018

It's all coming together. I hate putting Foaly through such turmoil. Recently, he's the one I've been feeling sorry for.
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The Monkeys, The Fairies, and The Shuttle

Submitted: August 27, 2018

It truly seems bleak for everyone. All for the sake of love and freedom. I wonder if it's all worth it. I know Holly doesn't believe so.
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Judgement Day

Submitted: August 28, 2018

Finally, everyone is in the same location where they need to be. It was really hard to get them here. I'm not sure I want them all to be here though.
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Make The Impossible, Possible

Submitted: August 31, 2018

The Next Day    On top of a secluded hill in Ireland lies the luxurious Fowl Manor. This Manor... Read Chapter

Onward and Upwards

Submitted: September 02, 2018

Honestly, I'm sure no one believed Artemis was dead. But everything is falling into place. Our journey is almost over.
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Loose Ends

Submitted: September 14, 2018

It's a brave new world. If only a world of humans and fairies could exist. There would be a better chance at a better world.
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Submitted: September 28, 2018

Thank you for riding along this journey with me. I hope it has been entertaining and informative.
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