Biker night cemetery

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The year is 2015, my name is Bryan and I am here to share with you my story. It happened late one night March 16, to be exact. My friend Steve and I thought it would be a good idea to skip curfew and stay out all night. Needless to say it wasn't. It was half past eight. Curfew was eleven, on weekends. I am seventeen and Steve is eighteen. His influence influenced me to stay out. We decided to hit the clubs after nine. Since I was still a minor I was not able to get in. So we went down to the local bar. I watched as Steve drank down at least six beers while I had a coke. Steve had for whatever reason gotten out of his chair as a tough looking biker was walking right past him with his wife, he spilled the beers all over his wife, the biker angrily yelled out. 


"Hey Punk you made me spill beer all over my lady!" 


Steve looked over and said "oh sorry" and started to walk away.  The biker looked at us and took off his sunglasses and put them in his shirt and said


"Oh sorry? Sorry kiddos that shit ain't gonna cut it!" And he approached us. He grabbed Steve by the arm and Steve jerked his arm his elbow hit the biker. The biker was livid and ran at Steve. Steve ducked and the biker flew through a table and broke it. The bartender then yelled 


"I want all four of you out!" 


Steve and I ran outside as the bikers wife yelled "Charles get up, they're getting away!" We ran out and ran across the street and into a barber shop to hide. The biker and his wife were out looking for us.


"They couldn't have gotten far here let's get on my hog will hit more ground!" They got on the motorcycle and took off in the wrong direction. We left the barber shop and went down the other direction. "I shouldn't have listened to you now your drunk and we're under attack by a biker." I say. "What thy punk isn't gonna catch us" Steve says. As we see headlights. " there" the wife shouts. "RUN" I say. We start to run down the town towards the cemetery. Climb I say as we both climb the fence of the cemetery. The biker stops. 


"What are you's doing they're getting away!" His wife shouts. 

"Dolores I Ain't going in No cemetery there are ghosts!" And he starts to back away from the cemetery. "Coward" his wife says. As they leave. Me and Steve run down the cemetery and climb out on the other side of the fence and escape. We both headed home after that.

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