His name is GD

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He said his name is GD with missing "O" in the middle.

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Red haired Guy

Submitted: March 18, 2018

  It was just a regular sunny day. It was 11:00 am & I was walking down the empty street covered by beautiful blue mimosa retu... Read Chapter

Son of president? A businessman?

Submitted: March 20, 2018

"Excuse me, where is room no. 207?" I asked a nurse who just entered the hospital and she was the same nurse I met two days before. ... Read Chapter

Game of Thrones

Submitted: April 01, 2018

It was already a week since we started going back our college again. I was sitting on my chair on math class recalling those last 4 day... Read Chapter

GD aka Grace Diaz

Submitted: June 25, 2018

The next morning my father and I were inside his car going toward my college. "I lied to your mother."  Suddenly a seriousness... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 25, 2018

The back of his uniform was facing me. He was probably talking about the day we met at hospital before. He remembered me after all. ... Read Chapter