i wish i can turn hatred to love...

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*about revenge, love, hatred,two destination who couldn't realise what really their heart want*

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i wish i can turn hatred to love...

'I will make this game to be more obfuscate, I will become a termagant to him,but I will make a indubitable move.'

lum give laila a conundrum look,what are u going to do?'. 'I will make a silent move don't worry.'

*** she went inside the office,surprisely seeing Adit, sitting down on her chair giving her a stupid dirty look.' I knw you really miss me that's why I come, because I can see a covet look in your
eyes ,i must praise your extol character, you haven't give any speech yesterday ,why?'.

'Adit,I don't have time for a licentious man like you,the game you started,will be finish by me,I will make you a pariah man,you will be redoubtable on me.

you try to be toady in order to gain what u want ,but still you fail,womanizer never achieved anything in life.

how dare you laila?so u have the audacity to confront me with your stupid words?' 'he drag her out of the office angrily, all of the staff in the office are shock, looking at both of them,but its
not a new thing to them because its not the first time Adit and laila bark at each other like a dogs. at that moment laila raise her hand and slap Adit that make everyone to be shock.' laila giving
Adit a hatred love and said :how dare you touch me with this your dirty hand.
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