Loving the Latino Guy

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This is about Faith and Sawyer's past together and about what happened to her.

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Faith

Submitted: September 28, 2018

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Submitted: September 28, 2018



"Daddy whatever happened to mommy" said Faith "She passed away when you were really young" said Sawyer "How" said Faith "Something went wrong while she was giving birth with your twin sister and they both died" said Sawyer "What's birth" said Faith "UMMMMmmmm....I'll tell you when your older" said Sawyer "How old, WAIT I HAD A TWIN" said Faith "Yes you did" said Sawyer "What was mommy like" said Faith "She was truly an angel. She was a pure.  She could smile and you'd fall in love with her. She loved to share her happiness with everyone. God that woman made me fall in love with her every day I woke up right beside her. I miss how her nose would scrunch up when she smiled" said Sawyer "You mean like this" said Faith as she scrunched her nose and she smiled "Yes exactly like that...you are just as beautiful as your mother" said Sawyer "No I'm not. I'm nothing like her" said Faith "How do you know" said Sawyer "Because I went on your phone and looked at your pictures and there she was. I'm nothing like her, I'm ugly and she is like heaven" said Faith "Sweetheart you look exactly like her...everything you are she was" said Sawyer "I also looked at you messages and apps" whispered Faith "You what" said Sawyer *Reminder to self CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD* thought Sawyer "Who is Daddy on your phone" said Faith "UMMMmmmmm" said Sawyer *Say something* thought Sawyer "Do you want to know your twins name" said Sawyer *Nailed it* thought Sawyer "YESSS" said Faith "Her name was Amanda" said Sawyer *I remember that day I lost the two closest people to me...I love you Holly and I love you Amanda but at least I got to hold Amanda before she died. I still remember the words I told Holly right before she passed. I'm so lucky I still have my little bundle of joy with me here today* thought Sawyer "Daddy something has been on my ind for a little while" said Faith "What is it Amor" said Sawyer "Would you let anyone take me away like you let mommy and Amanda go away too" said Faith *That hurt coming from my four year old daughter. She thinks I let them kill her mother and twin* thought Sawyer as his eyes got watery "Sweetheart I'd never let anyone hurt you not ever" said Sawyer "Then why did you let that happen to mommy and my sister" said Faith "De Amor I had no control over that, somethings happen in life that you can't prevent nor control" said Sawyer "But you can prevent someone from killing me right" said Faith *I hope so* thought Sawyer "Yes, I'd never let anything happen to you" said Sawyer "I love you with all of my heart never forget that" said Sawyer "I'd never dream of it daddy" said Faith as she kisses his cheek.




"Faith hold my hand and stop letting go before I put you on my shoulders" said Sawyer "No not your shoulder that last time you did that you ran me into a wall" said Faith "Then hold my hand" said Sawyer "Ok" said Faith as she leached her hand onto his "DADDDDDDYYYYY...CAN WE GET ICE CREAM" yelled Faith "Yes but wait for this light to turn green so we can walk across the road" said Sawyer "But I want it now" said Faith "You can wait" said Sawyer "But that takes to long" said Faith "Faith stop pulling away" said Sawyer as her hand slips out of his and she runs across the road and an eighteen wheeler hits her head on, her body goes up in the air slamming hard on the ground and her head turned the direction, toward Sawyer and her eyes had no longer life and joy in them, that moment everything stopped even her heart and Sawyer's spirit had left his body and everyone around had stopped and was looking at her.  "FAITHHHHHHHHH" screamed Sawyer as he ran to her tiny body lying still on the ground "HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP" screamed Sawyer as blood filled the area around her body and a little came out of her mouth "NO, NO, NO, NO, NOT MY LITTLE GIRL. STAY WITH MY HONEY" screamed Sawyer as he started to cry, he cuddle her lifeless body. "We called 911 help is on it's way" said a man hugging his wife who was crying.  Faith's blood surround her body until Sawyer was kneeling in her blood "Why just WHYYYYYYY" screamed Sawyer as he got pulled away from her by two police offerers but they had to call for back up because he was fighting to get back with her...they finally got him away and contend *I'm covered in my baby girls blood, I'm covered in my only daughters blood, I'm covered in my four year old daughters blood* thought Sawyer "SHE'S DEAD" screamed Sawyer as he fell to the ground and started to beat the concrete until his hands were bloody "Sir your bleeding" said cop "I don't give two ****s" said Sawyer "Help her not me" said Sawyer "Sir she's gone there isn't anything to do" said An officer "WHYYY" screamed Sawyer "Sir let us help you" said EMS "I don't need your help..what can you do, It's not like you can bring my baby girl back to life" said Sawyer "DON'T TOUCH ME" yelled Sawyer as he punched one of the officers and kicked the other one between the legs "Don't mess with me" said Sawyer "I could fight all of you guys" said Sawyer. One of the officers took a step closer as Sawyer took him out with his foot, took out tree guys while using a guy as a baseball bat "Told ya" said Sawyer. "Oww" said Sawyer as he got shot in the back and fell to the ground.

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