Loving the Latino Guy

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Danger

Submitted: July 19, 2018

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Submitted: July 19, 2018



Sabrina and Sawyer were sitting on the couch watching the local news when they heard this loud "SCREAM" next door. "Was that at Camila's house?" asked Sabrina "I think so...but I hope it wasn't." said Sawyer as he went to the bedroom and got two hand guns out of the top of the dresser he went back to the living room and handed Sabrina one of the guns and they both ran to Camila's house..."the doors open" said Sawyer as he opened the door and when he looked inside he saw his father standing over the body of Camila...{Te quiero Sawyer...but I can't fight anymore}{Cariño you don't have to fight anymore...you never had to fight alone} "Are you two done with your chit chat?" asked Adam (Adam does know that they have telekinesis but he doesn't know what they say) "I'm gonna shot you if you don't leave" said Sawyer..Adam picked Camila up by the hair of the head and she let out a scream and he held a gun to her head and that's when Sabrina came in from the back door and snuck up behind Adam with a gun.."Adam your surrounded...put down the gun antes de que te vuele los sesos" said Sawyer "no lo harás...your to soft" said Adam as he pointed the gun at Sabrina and shot....Sabrina falls to the ground and Sawyer shoots Adam to where he's dead when the bullet hits him..."Are you ok Sabrina" asked Sawyer as he runs to her and drops to the ground to cradle her "I'm fine Nena I promise" said Sabrina..Sawyer hugs Sabrina *I can feel his heart pound in his chest...and how much I mean to him by the look on his face* thought Sabrina..."we are going to take you to the hospital Sabrina" said Camila.."ugh I'm fine" said Sabrina as Sawyer picks her up bridle style and Sabrina wraps her arms around his neck "I think I can get use to this" said Sabrina as she looked at Sawyer in his hazel eyes...Sawyer laughs *His laugh...thats what I fell in love with a long time ago* thought Sabrina (At the hospital) "Sir your WIFE is going into surgery now, would you like to say good bye or something like that" said The doctor "she isn't my WI-, yes I would like to say my final words before she goes into surgery" said Sawyer as he walks up to the bed where Sabrina is...*I look down at her beautiful face and I see red circles around her eyes...was she crying* thought Sawyer as he bendes down and kisses her and he wraps his arms around her tiny body *his lips are soft and sweet...he has always kissed me so passently like the water crashing in to the shore and when you feel the sand between your toes and the water crashing up against your feet...his hug is like a big bear hug because he's so powerful and magnetic...but also so sweet..(I know you see a bear as a man eating animal but think of a cub..thxs) but a big guy like him you would never think that his a sweet romanic guy* thought Sabrina "I love you Sawyer" said Sabrina "I love you Sabrina" said Sawyer as he kissed Sabrina on the forhead and they took her off...

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