Loving the Latino Guy

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - chapter 4

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



"Nurse is Sabrina out of surgery yet" said Sawyer "Yes she is recovering" said the nurse "Can I see her Please" said Sawyer "Oh course" said the nurse "Come on Camilla..she is recovering" said Sawyer "I know, I'm right here I heard every word" said Camilla as she rolled her eyes...sawyer ran down the hall looking for Sabrina's room and he finally found it after 6 rooms..he walks in to find Sabrina laying there with all of these tubes coming from her tiny, little, fragile body he pulls a chair over to the head of the bed and sits on it...he grabs Sabrina's hand and places it on the side of his face...her hand moved, he looked at Sabrina's precious face to see her gorgeous eyes flatter open..."My love...I'm sorry you got shot" said Sawyer "I'm fine...I wanted this life as long as your in it...I don't care where I am..as long as I have you" said Sabrina "EWW..cut the musher..cr*p" said Camilla..Sawyer looks at Camilla and then looks back at Sabrina and a smile comes across Sabrina's face...Sawyer kisses Sabrina "Vomiting...RED ALERT, RED ALERT" yelled Camilla..Sawyer looks at Camilla and rolls his eyes "I love you Sabrina" said Sawyer "I love you too Landon" said Sabrina "And I love me too" said Camilla "And we love you too" said both Sawyer and Sabrina...they all laughed

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