Loving the Latino Guy

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Hey guys...my Grandmother has passed away a couple of days ago...so I'm thinking about pausing my writing for a while because I have the funeral in a couple of days...I just need to clear my head
for a couple of days

Chapter 6 (v.1) - The past comes back

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



"Get dressed we have to go to the warehouse today" said Sawyer "which one" said Sabrina "The big one that I own" said Sawyer "great... but you own a lot of them that are big" said Sabrina "Just mueve tu culo" said Sawyer "Fine... I'm moving" said Sabrina as she takes a step to her right "Merda... your a pain in my a**" said Sawyer as he kisses Sabrina on top of the head "Che cosa" said Sabrina "really did you just say that... you know what I meant" said Sawyer "Oops" said Sabrina... (AFTER GETTING DRESSED AND IN THE CAR AND ARRIVING TO THE PLACE) "Bien princesa no ser larga" said Sawyer "Wait where are you going" said Sabrina "Trata de no coqutear con nadie, s que a veces puedes ser realmente atractivo" said Sawyer... Sabrina blushed and giggled "STAY IN THIS CAR" said Sawyer "Hmmmm nahhhh" said Sabrina "Yes" said Sawyer "Fine" said Sabrina, Sawyer shuts the door "Ok so he went inside... time to explore this place" said Sabrina... so Sabrina walks around and this BIGGGG scary looking dude approaches her "Who do we have here" said the scary dude... these other dude come up behind her "And who are you lovely lady" said the man with bright green eyes *Ok the guy with the green eyes is pretty cute but not as good looking as Sawyer... he's more scary* thought Sabrina "And who do you belong to" said a guy with deep dark brown eyes *He's freaky looking...RUN* thought Sabrina as she goes to run the guy with green eyes grabs her tightly by the arm "Where the H*** do you think your going" said the guy with drown eyes "I belong to Sawyer...let go of me" said Sabrina as she gaps in pain "Yeah right.. and Marry poppens is my nanny" said the green eyed man "I swear he's my boyfriend" said Sabrina "Don't lie to us" said the brown eyed guy as he slappes her in the face "I'm not lying" said Sabrina as she brought her hand up to her face where he hit her and she started to cry "Why are you here" said the green eyed man "I came with Sawyer" said Sabrina as she whimpered "LET GO OF MY GIRLFRIEND" yelled Sawyer.. all the guys jaws dropped "Y-Y-Y-YES SIR" said all of the guys as the green eyed man let go of Sabrina "I'll take care of y'all later" said Sawyer and all of the guys run away bumping into each other "You ok" said Sawyer as he takes her face into his hand and turns her head to the side and sees five figer marks and the palm of a mans hand on the side of her face  "Babe I've been shot... I think I can handle a slap in the face all tho It really hurt but I'm fine I swear" said Sabrina as she looks at the ground and is holding her arm where his hand was wrapped around *I've never been hit by a man before, I've been ***** before by a man a long time ago.. I can't believe there are women being abused by men... worse than what I just got* thought Sabrina "I've been abused my one man once... I was a little girl" said Sabrina as she started to cry "Come here hermose" said Sawyer as he opened his arms and wrapped them around Sabrina "Who hurt you when you were young" said Sawyer "I don't know..." said Sabrina gripping Sawyer's shirt

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