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"Don't talk to me like that, don't even dare it, am not your mate. I have your mate as my second son. I can see you don't have respect". One of the NEPA people voiced out loud at me. " sir I never insulted you, getting along with my view is your problem, I told you that my uncle is not around and I don't have any currency with me to settle the dept. I Besiege on you, once my uncle is around, I promise to come and clear the bills. Please don't disconnect the light." I replied him.

In the mist of pleading, one of the tenants appeared in the podium.

Tenant: rely whats going on, I had some voices in the domicile.

Me: ( open the gate to check outside if I can see Ttech, I was disturbed when I didn't observe his presence. I had to reply the tenant) you are right ma, is the power holding team, they are trying to terminate our light.

She went ahead to talk to the NEPA people as the oldest in the domicile at that particular time. Their lips was set in motion as soon as she approached the NEPA people. Less than three minutes, I can observe some atom of smile on their faces. Maybe the lady might end up convincing them not to disconnect the light. Anyway she should be able to convince them not to terminate the light, that's why she is the oldest around.

All this while, I haven't been my self. I don't even know what bukola was up to. She has been quite upstairs all this while. Upon all the noise, I didn't observe her presence downstairs. Maybe she is angry and waiting for me to relocate my self to the upstairs. I decided to go upstairs and meet her. I don't even know what to tell her again.

I was on the staircase when a plan on how to delay her popped into my medulla. I didn't hesitate to take an action. I moved up to unleash my motive to her hearing. On getting there, I couldn't find her in the parlor. I rushed into my bed room to check on her, i found her on my bed busy with her phone. " she might be definetly chatting with one of her concubine ". I guessed.

Bukola: rely where have you been?

Me: I had issues with the NEPA agency, so I had to resolve it before coming back, if not we will have our light been terminated.

Bukola: that's OK. So where is the money, I have to go now, is getting dawn.

Me: baby see, the money I meant to give you to go, I had to settle the NEPA people with it but don't worry, I will rush to the nearest ATM station and get you enough cash.

Bukola: ( dumbfounded for a while, then broke the silence) OK be quick, this is 6:03pm, I don't want my people to start looking for me.

Me: OK baby..give me a minute, I will be right back.

I locked everywhere living only her in the house. Ttech was no where to be found. I sent him several WhatsApp messages but non was delivered. I was tired of a everything, so I decided to withdraw the money so she can find her way home before night falls. I wouldn't want this to turn out to be like Bblondon case. I concluded in my self to give her the money.

I was about slotting my ATM card when my phone rang, I was happy when I saw that it was Ttech.

Me: hello Ttech..

Ttech: rely open door for me nah, I have knocking since or are you still dancing on top of her.

Me: you no well, since when?. See the time you are coming. Am coming back now.

I explained everything that happened to my master planner. Though he apologized for keeping me waiting for that long. I couldn't make the withdraw again because of his presence. I met tunji standing in front of my door. We exchanged a hand shake before he asked me a question.

Ttech: are you sure she is Cynthia?

Me: am sure, she changed her name, you can even check her messenger to see the conversation you made some weeks ago with her.

Ttech: OK then, open the door let me see by my self.

We both moved upstairs to meet bukola, I asked Ttech to wait in the parlor while I call bukola.

Me: hi baby...hope I didn't keep you waiting...

Bukola: you did rely, what about the money? did you get it?

Me: yes, is in the parlor. While not come with your bag so I can see you off to the bus stop

Bukola: ( smile) OK love.

I went inside the parlor to wait for her to come out. She finally opened the door...

Bukola: (shocked) Olatunji!!!!... What are you doing here..

Ttech stood up in anger, dragged her bag from her hand and threw it away. He dipped his right hand inside his pocket and brought out a pack of condom. He opened it and took one then threw the rest to me to select mine. It wasn't so easy for bukola because she has seen the action that is gonna take place. She started shedding tears but Ttech doesn't care about her crocodile tears. He made it known to her that she is know more going home today. He asked bukola to remove all her cloth and position on a sex style. She proved stubborn until Ttech landed a hot slap on her face. I thought the slap rested her brain.

My joystick was already hard, but I was still contemplating weather me and Ttech was going to bleep her simultaneously. "Anyway bleeping her together will be a tremendous one to remember". I murmured.

I saw Ttech pulling down his trouser, then his buzzer. Without hesitation, I pulled my own down, then jiggle my joystick a little signifying that am ready. I watched bukola removing her cloth after which she dipped Ttech joystick inside her vocal cavity and at the same time she romanced my joystick with her hand.

Ttech: this is just the starting point, after today, you will never toil with any guy again..

Me: " looked at Ttech and left out a slight smile while she continued tickling my two balls.

Ttech: dam.... Harder...harder...yeah.


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