A college encounter of the cocky, overconfident but protective and caring Skyler and the shy, but secretly powerful Emily Marie. For both of them before joining college, life has been anything but
good: For Skyler, he has had to deal with being passed from family to family because of his demon side. He has also been held as a freak by those around him for years and he has also began to find
his way onto the bad side of Drew McCloud, a dangerous man with the goal of creating chaos around him in every way imaginable. For Emily, she has had to deal with a sadistic brother who has wanted
nothing more than to watch her die by his hands. She recently broke up with an abusive ex-boyfriend who assaulted and cheated on her on multiple occasions When they meet, will they get along or
will it be a growing ball of hate and sorrow?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

This chapter of the story is what started it all. The encounter of Skyler Young and Emily Marie
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