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Laguna Bay College, somewhere I never saw myself being, but the day had come where I had been accepted for my first day in the most popular college in the country. I remember the day rather well. I walked to the college grounds and looked around, seeing the enormous building in front of me. I was in awe as I saw the height and the amount of rooms. As I went to walk in, a girl looking at her phone walked into me, knocking me forward slightly as she lost her footing. I managed to turn around quick enough to catch her.

“Whoa there. I just got here. No need to swoon over me already” I said to her, chuckling to myself as he helped her back to her feet. She blushed and looked at me with her rosy red cheeks, blushing visibly on her pale skin.

“Heh. Okay, it won’t happen again” she said as she exaggerated the smile that appeared on her face. She brushed her hair back with her hands before walking into the college, waving to me as I waved back with a smile on my face. She seemed rather nice, so I made the reasonable choice to follow her. I walked through the surprisingly amusing rotating door on the way in and saw her sat on a small black leather couch near the receptionist desk. I sat down next to her and as soon as I tried to start a conversation, she quickly turned her head to me.

“Yes?” she asked in a rather high pitch. By hearing that, I could tell that she was 16, which was a relief because I was only 17 back then. I smiled

“Hello. What’s your name?” I asked her politely. She looked at me and smiled

“Emily. Emily Marie. What’s yours?” she asked back as she revealed her name to me. I loved the name Emily. Something about that name was always adorable to me, even if it was a common name.

“Skyler. I don’t really have a last name; people can’t decide what it should be. They can’t decide if it should be Young or Jackson” I responded as I laughed slightly, causing her to laugh as well

I hadn't been this happy in a while, especially talking to somebody like her, but I waws relatively relaxed with her

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