The Broken Gunslinger

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Formally known for her expertise in guns, Aurora Camilla is known as the gunslinger. However in her latest mission some things Mr. Jackson and herself had tried to keep secret have gotten out. Her
career may be over or it could just be the beginning. Will this ally cat become the elite she had lost to her recent mission or will she be tossed like garbage?

Table of Contents


Prologue   The sounds of gunfire spread throughout the hall until a minute later it was all silence. A tall slim girl with... Read Chapter

Chapter One Wasn’t Your Fault

Chapter One Wasn’t Your Fault   It wasn’t until three days later that Aurora woke up in the hospital at the academy. W... Read Chapter

Chapter Two Possibly the End?

  Chapter Two Possibly the End?   So it’s been a couple days now and no one has been saying anything about arthri... Read Chapter

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