The Broken Gunslinger

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One Wasn’t Your Fault

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Chapter One Wasn’t Your Fault


It wasn’t until three days later that Aurora woke up in the hospital at the academy. When she woke she was greeted by her team she was assigned with. Her team leader Nichole, the hacker Julie, the explosives captain Kyle and Jacob on the medical. This was the perfect team and Aurora’s role?  Assassin, fastest one and the only one of a special group to be elected for shit like area 51 patrol. Anyways, when she woke she sat slowly with a sharp pain in her spine. “Easy Aurora,” Jacob said helping her sit up.


“You got hurt pretty badly if Nichole didn’t find you when she did you could have died with how severe the fracture was.” She looked around at her team before speaking but, when she did her voice was quiet and almost trembling “I messed up… it’s my fault for what happened. If I had checked the area one more ti-” “No, it’s not your fault” Nichole interrupted speaking sympathetically but assertive. Everyone nodded in agreement, smiling now that their dear friend would be okay. That is until the doctor came back with unnerving news.


Everyone looked at the doctor and their happy smiles faded as they saw the gloomy look on her face. "What is it?" Kyle asked worriedly. The doctor sat down in her chair and spoke softly and as calmly as she could "I'm sorry everyone but, the X-rays just got back and the bullet pierced her spine excessively cause damage that could kill her if she were to take on another foul blow." "W-What!? No, you can't be serious. That means she won't be able to be on the team!" Julie said for voice shaking showing how scared she was of this news. "Calm down please Julie, there has to be some way we can fix this. Right, Doctor Lilac? RIght?" Nichole said hoping for some sort of hope or something to cheer everyone up but, the doctor's look only saddened.  "I'm sorry but, we also found out that Aurora has Arthritis and a severe condition at that."


Everyone's glance turned to Aurora who was sitting looking down trying not to let the words get to her. "Aurora explain this to me," Nichole said anxious and concerned. "I knew about the Arthritis from a very young age. The academy agreed to take me off the streets and give me a home here if I promised to fix it...however when I was taken to see what they could do they told... Mr. Jackson the one to look after me back then that it could not be fixed."


"Wait, you're saying that we have been working with someone who shouldn't be in the field?? You lied to us Aurora." Aurora got up out of the bed and grabbed her coat and put it on. "If there is anything Doctor, talk to Mr. Jackson he'll be the one to determine what we do next." Aurora walked out with her arms crossed and headed on down to Mr. Jackson's office where she would be 'hiding' for a while, while news she knew would spread faster than wildfire.



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