The Broken Gunslinger

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two Possibly the End?

Submitted: March 26, 2018

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Submitted: March 26, 2018




Chapter Two Possibly the End?


So it’s been a couple days now and no one has been saying anything about arthritis though I feel like some have. Mr. Jackson says, that I will be able to continue my work still as an elite but, I will have to go and get tests, and if they show positive I will not be able to work if they show negative I can work. Mr. Jackson was a man who spoke many, he taught me everything I know about English but sometimes I still end up speaking my main language, Italian. It was normal for me to randomly speak in Italian, and everyone knew however, Mr. Jackson was the only to understand her.

“Alright, ready Aurora?” Mr. Jackson looked at her with a small smile and opened the door. Aurora nodded and followed Mr. Jackson down to the gymnasium and waited for the testing to start. While waiting she began to talk to Mr. Jackson but, she talked in Italian. “che passerò nessuno questi Mr. Jackson …” (Translated; "I do not think I'll pass any of these tests Mr. Jackson ...").Mr. Jackson looked at Aurora and hugged her.

"Sono sicurochefarairicorda di quandoparli .” (Translated; "I'm sure you'll make a great Aurora but, remember to speak English when you talk to people"). She nodded and sighed as the testers more commonly known Heads of the school walked in and asked for Aurora to follow them.

She stood and followed the heads into another room and started the testing. It’s fairly simple really. They started off with having her do tasks like agility, reaction time, power, coordination etc. It was nearly two hours later when they brought her up to the next test, gunfire. “Alright Aurora, the last test. Gunfire which you are known for. Prove to us you can continue your work” She nodded and picked up the Beretta 92 pistol. She walked up to the line on the ground and waited for the signal. “Begin” the heads shouted and just as she heard it she began to shoot. Left, right, center, above and below she was able to get a headshot and nearly take off the head of the steel targets. She switched out her gun to a Cheytac Intervention. She fired aiming at the corner and waited while the moving targets began.

BANG . . . BANG . . . BANG . . . BANG . . . BANG . . . BANG . . . The room went silent the gunfire stopped and Aurora stood back straight up and looked at the heads. They smiled and clapped “You may continue your work Aurora but only after you work on one thing. Your speech, your next mission is with a  team of FBI agents. You’ll be going to Italy,” Aurora looked stunned and said in response in a calm voice, “I speak Italian since, after

, it is my main language.” The heads looked at each other in amazement “How do you know such fluent English? It’s incredible” one said. “I had help, that’s all. So when will this mission be?” “Tomorrow, so I suggest you work on preparing for the trip.” She’d nod and putting the sniper down, “Good day masters,” the heads nodded having a gleeful smile on there face as Aurora ran out to tell Mr. Jackson the news.

“Mr. Jackson! Mr. Jackson!!” He looked at Aurora waiting her answer to the question he hasn't even said and instantly Aurora smiling said “I can still work! I’m still my name's Sake!” Her name doesn’t actually mean the gunslinger that is just something that she is great at doing. Her name means two things. One, being northern lights the lights that you see in the sky sometimes and the other being the dawn. Odd name yes but, for the whole academy it meant ruler. “Congrats Aurora! I’m so very proud of you.”  Mr. Jackson said in a nice, happy voice. “Woohoo! Welp, I should be on my way back to the dorms sir, I have to start packing for my next mission.”

It would be the next morning and Aurora woke bright and early to rush down to Doctor Lilac for her medicine to help stop the pain from the

arthritis. “Thanks again Lilac,” “No problem,” She nodded smiling. “Good luck on the mission and remember don’t get shot.”




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