Can Never Evolve

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



The field which uncontrollably cries while ploughing; can never evolve into majestically fructifying and ebulliently blissful crop,

The sea which pathetically cries while undulating; can never evolve into fantastically vibrant and tantalizingly ecstatic adventure,

The desert which discordantly cries while being heated; can never evolve into fathomlessly regale and timelessly seductive majesty,

The cloud which hedonistically cries while showering rain; can never evolve into boundlessly enthralling and enchantingly heavenly freshness,

The waterfall which insidiously cries while cascading on handsome rock; can never evolve into stupendously amiable and vividly mystical reinvigoration,

The mountain which abhorrently cries while defending; can never evolve into symbiotically unflinching and peerlessly unassailable unity,

The nightingale which fretfully cries while singing; can never evolve into timelessly ubiquitous and unequivocally resplendent melody,

The artist who deplorably cries while sketching; can never evolve into spell bindingly refreshing and unsurpassably enamoring magnetism,

The soldier who dolorously cries while fighting for his country; can never evolve into insuperably marvelous and blazingly fearless patriotism,

The tree which dementedly cries while imparting exuberant breeze; can never evolve into magnificently euphoric and royally blossoming vivacity,

The clown who preposterously cries while engendering the audience to laugh; can never evolve into bedazzlingly enviable and miraculously healing happiness,

The lightening which uxoriously cries while uninhibitedly diffusing into an enigmatic river of brilliant white; can never evolve into compassionately effulgent and fierily charged electricity,

The lion who capriciously cries while crunching the bones of his nimble prey; can never evolve into unfathomably bewitching and inimitably unconquerable kingliness,

The dwelling which hedonistically cries while harboring its impeccable occupants; can never evolve into affably propitious and beautifully synergistic concord,
The doctor who fecklessly cries while attending to his beleaguered patients; can never evolve into miraculously Omnipotent and blessedly efficacious healing,

The hand which frigidly cries while working for quintessential livelihood; can never evolve into eternally pacifying and emolliently deserving perseverance,

The lips which dismally cry while unstoppably kissing; can never evolve into bounteously ingratiating and timelessly candle-lit sensuousness,
And the heart which sadistically cries while perpetually bonding its beats with the person it loved; can never evolve into immortally godly and rhapsodically triumphant life.

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