The Thought Processors

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'Thought-processors, anything to write?' ______________________ I've tried to make the poem sound funny! :D Please leave your opinion on this piece.

The pages of my notebook flying,

me with the pen in my hand sighing

because I can’t find something to write about,

though there are ideas in my head --no doubt!

Notebook’s still blank?


Just then -- clank!


Clank-clank goes the ‘disks of my imagination’!

The ‘vocabulary axles’ cannot turn them out of frustration!

Oh no! My ideas are jamming

in between the axles and the disks,

and making something hard for them to do -- turning!

It’s the reason why


whacks against my eardrums when the vocabulary axles try

to turn and work together with the disks of my imagination!

I call out -- ‘Thought-processors, anything to write?’

The axles and the disks clamor -‘Ideas are so many!’ I guess I’m getting quite right:

That the things I can write about are actually so many!

I get now -- the reason I can’t write something

is that I want to write about everything!

So I can’t just pick anything!




The vocabulary axles are now turning the disks of my imagination!

And the ideas are flowing smoothly between, making a concoction!

They tickle my brain,

twitch my hand to write

because I’ve finally got something to write again

I'll write about 'anything’!

But just as the pen in my hand reached for the blank page,

My hand froze, as if trapped in a compact cage!

Clank-clank-clank returns!

So, out what turns?

The ideas have congested again!

What’s the reason -- let me see…


Now, what'll that 'anything’ be?

Submitted: March 20, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Ayesha Binte Islam. All rights reserved.

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