DEEP, Episode 1.

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A strange spark of passion and affection ignited in the heart of Katherine Dylan and her colleague Christopher Campbell. Both who were thought to be far from even, only discovered unmeasurable
affection which Changed their world completely, after just a wild kiss. Let's enjoy how something unplanned could turn own to be the most wonderful affair ever! Erotic Episodes... Enjoy!


TITLE: Deep (Episode 1)

GENRE: Romance ...........................

Working the night shift is far from being better for Katherine Dylan, especially having to work with Christopher Campbell. She had never gone along well with Chris. Maybe because she thought him to be proud and probe at the edge. He thinks he can get every lady he wants, she thought to herself.

As Chris raised his head to look at Kate, he flashed her a flirtious smile that conceded a lot but said little. He knows Kate to be diplomatic and a little more cut nod. It is clear she disliked him but somehow he likes to see her frown and relax her face like the oasis of mixed emotions. A smile crossed his face as he thought about how he had tried to flirt with her in the past but she would snarl and almost growl at him.

"How are you enjoying your night?" He asked as he rolled over on her desk almost coming face to face with her. "Wouldn't have been any worst" Kate replied almost avoiding his presence. She felt disgusted and fumed with dislike. She tried her best not to yell, at least she felt like sending him right out of her presence. "Won't you like to lighten up a little?" He reached to comb her falling hair, "I know a song that would help" He sounded like he enjoyed irritating her. "No, thanks" Kate replied, almost fighting to keep calm. Her impatience was running over and she needed to get rid of Chris else.... "Don't be stubborn, Kate" he tossed and immediately made for the stereo. Chris knew he could seize the opportunity, maybe to toil her rage and enjoy seeing her explode with negative expressions. I hope I'm not being wicked? He asked himself smiling to ears.

Kate rocked back on her chair immediately "Lionel Richie -- Hello" hit her ear. How did he know my taste? She mused at Chris. It was indeed light on the soul.

"Won't you like to stretch your legs?" Chris smiled to her. "No, thanks" that was all she could say. Chris might have choosed a perfect song but dancing with him is certainly out of it. How dare he ask such a thing? Hope he's not mistaking me for some of his girls who is easily willful? She said to herself in the most sardonic way. "Cmon, you can do better" Chris teased. He's expression was friendly and light, his tone demanding and pleading. "At least dancing with me won't get you pregnant" He made a little joke at her conserved personality. No doubt Chris knows how to honey-tongue a lady perfectly. As he starred eyeing her waiting her response. "But I don't know how to dance" She exploded before she could refrain. Kate knew her words already gave her out and that Chris won't stop at that. "Skill is acquired. Nobody dances to be scored" he's eyes now responsible "...we only dance to fit into our soul and body perfectly. Come I will show you" He said as he stretched his hand to take hers. With a little hesitation she took his hand.

Chris led her to the centre of the tidy office room. He placed his hand round her waist and took her other hand in his. Their body was held close that their silhouette could be seen as one. Kate was furious and shy at the same time. She hardly dances on her own, here she is held close in a dance. Not just anybody but Chris. "Now let the sound take control. Swing and don't be shy to sway" Chris said as he moved her from side to side, nearly to the rhyme of the music.

With a sigh of her own, Kate relaxed and matched her steps to his. Maybe it was like a dream, she told herself as she closed her eyes and let the music fill her head. But she was going to enjoy every moment till it's time to wake up.

Continues Episode 2

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