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I think possibly I fell off the edge for a minute Brahahaha

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018









Randy Dingledorph was short, squat and chubby with fire engine red hair, green eyes, freckles and a horrible spider shaped birth mark on his left cheek. Needless to say little Randy Dingledorph was that kid in school who everyone, sooner or later shot a nasty remark or played a horrible trick on. His parents were not help. Mother said nothing and Father told him to buck up and take it like a man.

So he was alone in the world and until he grew up, if he would he was stuck with his lot. That is until one day while rummaging about in the family home attic he found the most incredible toy that turned out to be not just a toy. As you will see.


First he found an old steamer trunk that was still locked but the lock was rusty and it broke easily. On the underside of the trunk lid was written two words, silly words actually, unless of course you discovered they actually meant something like Randy did.

Abracadabra and Hocus Pocus. Well I guess that is three words, but you are smart enough to know what I meant…I’m sure.

A little inscription under the words said, “Say these words then close the lid. Count to six three times then open the lid again.”

Randy followed the instructions to the letter.


Upon reopening the trunk lid absolutely nothing happened. Randy was a little disappointed but really had not expected something to happen since abracadabra and hocus pocus were just silly kids that never worked.

Next Randy lifted and old woolen sailors blanket out of the trunk and found something that made him laugh out loud. A black top hat. A black cape with red lining and a black wand with a white tip.

Abracadabra Hocus Pocus he shouted with humourous glee as he donned the cape and hat and waved the wand.


Sorry. No excitement yet. Nothing happened that was immediately noticeable. Nothing noticeable happened until Randy tried to take the hat and cape off., but they wouldn’t let go. Not until Randy said Abracadabra. Hocus Pocus was not needed. Then the hat and cape came off just the way they should.

Then Randy put them on again and said abracadabra. Nothing happened so he said Hocus Pocus and this time the garments would not come off.

So Randy tried an experiment. He thought about chocolate chip cookies, waved the wand in a circular motion and chanted. Abracadabra chocolate chip cookies appear.

No cookies. Hocus Pocus. No cookies.


Randy took his strange ensemble to his bed room and tucked it away in his closet and went to bed. The next morning he went to school as always and as always he was teased and sneered at and pushed and shoved until he ran away.

He cried all the way home but when he went in the door his mother was there holding a big bag of chocolate chip cookies.

“I don’t know what came over me. I heard your voice in my head last night telling me to buy the cookies.”


Randy took the cookies and went straight up to his bedroom. He put on the hat and cape and twirled the wand chanting, “Abracadabra I want a new bicycle.” All the while he thought about his father. That very next Saturday they went to the bike store and Mr. Dingledorph bought his son a 15 speed mountain bike, a brand new helmet and knee pads and fingerless gloves.

Now how cool was that because on Monday he rode to school on his new bike and a back pack with his hat, cape and wand in it.

At recess he went out to the play yard wearing his gear and while twirling his wand chanted. Abracadabra we all fall down.”




All there was left to do was wait. He took all the teasing the boys could dish out and all the nasty sneers from the girls. But he did not run away and he stood there laughing at them which of course confused them.

Nothing happened that afternoon nor the next day but on Wednesday when everyone was in the gymnasium watching a basket ball game the bleachers on both sides of the floor collapsed and there was a terrifying roar of screams as everyone crashed to the floor.

Everyone was hurt, except Randy. Somehow he got thrown out of harm’s way.


Some had bruised knees or elbows or scratches and cuts on their arms and legs and faces. Some had broken bones and Jerry Hickens got a broken neck and died. He happened to be the worst of Randy’s antagonists.

You might have thought Randy would have felt terrible for all the pain and damage he caused but the fact is he was absolutely delighted. He considered it due revenge for the years of pain and humiliation, though he was sad that Jerry had died. Randy had made other plans for him.


A week later the school burned down in the night. No one was hurt thankfully but it meant all the students would miss so much school they would fail their grade. At least that’s what Randy had hoped for but instead the town made arrangements for classes to continue in the arena which worked out perfectly while plans to build a new and better school which Randy did not like at all. In fact he absolutely hated it and was making plans to stop it which meant something terrible would have to happen to the whole town.

But what could he do that would be bad but not completely destroy everything, especially his own home.


In the end Randy decided not to pursue the idea. Instead he played little games on everyone that were annoying but not particularly harmful. And as the years went by he found ways, secret ways to make people give him money until he was the wealthiest man in town. And finally he became Mayor.

Well I could leave the story there but as anyone who knows anything about magic, no matter how you conjure it. There is a price to pay and one day Randy Dingledorph paid that price in full.

One day, satisfied he had all the revenge he needed Randy put the hat, the cape and the wand back in the trunk and sealed it shut. In the blink of an eye he was 9 years old again and everything he had done was undone only everyone he ever did something nasty to remembered what he did and you can imagine I am sure what they did to him in return.

Abracadabra Hocus Pocus.



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