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Wrote this when I felt like I had lost myself and was hurt and angry about it.

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



The darkest clouds still linger on a Sunday afternoon. The rain drops falling drip by drip as if it would never stop. Time goes by so slowly, dragging on every drop. It gets cold and lonely waiting for it to end. Feeling like Sunny days are a thing of the past. It has been going on since I can remember last. The weight of cast iron on my chest makes it hard to find relief. I must take it all like a pill to swallow. Oh how bitter the taste. It may get better but it's so hard to take.

I look back on my former years seeing where I went wrong. Trying to fix my problems but then another comes along. I search for a solution knowing I won't find one. Another day in darkness just helps me see in the dark more. I learn to live like this expecting nothing else. I've been here so long it seems. I have forgotten how life really is or at least how it used to be. I'm better at hiding than ever before. After a while, you learn to master it. I still hope for those sunny days. When will the clouds pass away?

I feel like crying but it seldom comes. Even when I do I still feel so angry. I don't wear my heart on my slave anymore. I've become calloused and hateful. So bitter inside, but no one knows it because how well I hide. I feel it deep down and get anxious. I hate myself for being this way but all I can do is continue it anyway. I feel like I'm stuck. I've only myself to blame.

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