Arwyn, the soon to be chief of his tribe, and his wife, Illy, get an ominous prophesy on the way home from a disastrous meeting with a young and arrogant prince. A meeting that took a violent turn.
The prophesy states that he must watch his village be destroyed so that the world can be saved in the future.

Can they watch their village be destroyed to save an uncertain future? Or will they try to defy the Fates?

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This is the translations of the Latin [Loosely] the characters speak in the story... I'll update as new terms and phrases appear. Unfortunately, the site doesn't have a choice of chapter types...
So I can place as something other than a chapter.

Anyway, here you go....
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The Request

~The Request~   Alone, Arwyn enters the tavern – Illy decided to stay in the stable with the horses; she has never gotten ... Read Chapter

The Ploy

Jorogumo - is a type of Yokai, a creature, of Japanese folklore. A spider that can shapeshift into a beautiful woman, so the kanji means "woman-spider".
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Akasha - A creative personification of the Akashic Records. Making them living beings that have a will of their own.
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The Village

Will o the Wisp - Are ghost lights that resemble lanterns in the distance. They are said to make travelers stray from the safe path.
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This chapter has not been edited as heavily as the first four have. I will most likely add some new version as I go on since I have a tendency to refine and refine constantly. I'm never happy with
my writing and always find things that can be added or changed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter. It explains the people, the species and such, a lot.
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