This story follows four demons and their daily life as a demon. If you like, please comment ideas and things I can do better on. If you want to read more of my work, please look at some of my other

Table of Contents

I found you

The woods are dark at night, to some they are scary. But to Lily, they are protection against the Hunter Blacks; a group whose only pur... Read Chapter

F--- you!

“Well this is just fu----- great!” exclaims Kody as he walks through the woods, away from the Hunter Blacks. Kody was a half purebl... Read Chapter

Nope, not going to happen

Landon has always hated others who thought that they were better than everyone else. Mayors thought that people thought that, and worse... Read Chapter

I met who?

“Wake up ya stupid demon!” yells one of the Hunter Blacks who had captured Lily. She was chained in a tiny metal cage next to three... Read Chapter

Heading to Lunch

The cars drive off and the four demons talk more. They get to a mansion and the cars stop. The demons get out and look around. They fol... Read Chapter

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