The Forsaken Race 4 - The Cheater

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Note: this is the FOURTH book in the series.

Approximately four moons ago, the leaders of all four demon races made a cruoren pact with the leader of the Aubade Sylphs, Corelia. They thought they had this unruly queen in checkmate...But it looks like she isn't finished yet. Corelia has learned a few tricks to weasel around the pact's rules, which are punishable by death if broken. Not only is this bad for the Zyreans, but other races are once more beginning to suffer from the impact of attacks and unwise weapon trades. Meanwhile, the most unlikely Zyreans are facing heavy tension from a lifelong rivalry that has been dug up yet again. What can Kita, Leiytning, and Thundur do to resolve these problems? Can Corelia be stopped again?

Table of Contents

Alpha in the Meadow

      (Present day...) ... Read Chapter

The Hidden Sniper

      The Hex Den was barren and quiet. The small bunch of crystals ... Read Chapter

One of Them

      In the Blood Forest, where Leiytning had just killed an Aubade... Read Chapter

Clouded Water

      Even though Fira was just another messenger, nobody could help feeling sorrowful as the... Read Chapter

The Dragon-Scales

      Thresher sighed, gazing into the distance. This is nothing like home, she tho... Read Chapter

The Mirrors

      "Daemon..." C... Read Chapter

Little Brother

      T'Kala descended, landing gracefully against the soft grass of the Silent Meadow. Her w... Read Chapter

The Wall

    In the Aubade Pa... Read Chapter


    Mao rushed through the palace's mess hall. It was a large room with dark wood floors,... Read Chapter

Breaking the Law

      Yuna sighed, very bored. She was si... Read Chapter


      As the time quickly approached nigh... Read Chapter

No Magic

      Echo roared for a third time, backi... Read Chapter

Demons and Monsters

      Mao sighed heavily as she trudged t... Read Chapter


      "Idiots, traitorous idiots..." Yuna angrily muttered under her breath, taking... Read Chapter

Sap and a Snake

      The time was now late, at about ten... Read Chapter


      Time passed; the night went by quic... Read Chapter

Kidnapped Royalty

    T'Kala groaned, sick and aching as she fi... Read Chapter

A Deadly Shadow

    By midnight, the breeze became frigid, clouds shrouding the night sky overhead. Morta... Read Chapter

Bad To Worse

    An entire two days had passed since word of the missing Ritin had spread.  ... Read Chapter

Nameless Pines

    Time passed slowly, and the clock just now struck two-thirty. ... Read Chapter

Fly Away

      T'Kala groaned, deeply frustrated.&... Read Chapter


  Hello good reader! So, to keep making these books and promote the series, the last few ... Read Chapter

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