Kings Justice : The Orphan Boy

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The Kings Justice delivers a world built upon monarchy through an orphan boys perspective. He has nothing to lose and self-drives himself to become something bigger.
However, is this orphan boy more significant and important than we think... Is he more than just a beggar?
What is his heritage and what value does he hold within this world?

Red Wine ~

“When the seas crash against the stones, and the world is in the midst, of the winter storms, the warrior will arise on the day, and fiercely ride the winter waves, bringing dawn to the darkness, bringing happiness to the sadness— ”, that, is what the young 16 year old orphan boy sang, as he strolled through the glooming bright forest lands with snow falling upon the kingdom... Like bits of sugar being poured upon everyone. The birds sang along, chirping to the song. Everything seemed so sweet, and perfect. In an instant the orphan boy named Dorne froze and gasped marvellous castle. Through the green sugar coated pine trees he saw great grey stone pillars, with archers armed on the castle gates, maintaining their posts. The castle was called Castle Velen, which was named after the creator of the castle, and ancestors of King Velen ll, well, thats It was Dornes dream to one day walk the castle honoured as a knight in shining learnt to swing twigs, so a sword would be no hassle. Dorne was a skinny and lanky boy, with half ripped clothes, Dorne had dark brown curly hair, and bright green eyes, his face was very defined and was tall in height, with a scar a cross his left eye. As Dorne resumed his song, his feet marched to the rhythm, it was not too long until he reached his destination. Dorne worked in a small, cozy tavern to make a small living of what was left in his life. He brushed the wooden floors and raked the crispy leaves off the porches. It was a great view from the tavern, a hilly area like the shape of bubbles, and there sat the castle on the tallest mountain. It was a beautiful Kingdom. Tall walls looped around the whole Kingdom, protecting the people from ‘outsiders’ with warriors armed on every post. Some people called the Kingdom the ‘Golden City’, due to its opportunities and beauties... But every pro, always has its cons, the Kingdom was also full of beggars, thieves and killers. As Dorne marched in, the tavern was all full of laughter and happiness, but a faint whisper caught Dornes attention immediately, “They say the King and his daughter are in an hour of coming to town to inspect the area”. “Bollocks!” followed another big man’s loud voice. “The King of such importance, coming down to inspect a scrawny town full of low life peasants! Impossible!” The big man spat everywhere after shortly jugging down his wine. He was half drunk and unaware of what he was saying. Dorne drew closer to the conversation. “I'd like to see the royal family one day” whispered Dorne to himself, while staring down at the ground. “Excuse me...Where might the lord come?”. The big man tilted his head and looked unimpressed, “Down south of the town, now go and get me some northern red wine you little SHIT!”. The mans hair, and was quite muscly... However, Dorne wasn't sure whether it was fat or muscle. Dorne grabbed a mug and filled it with red wine to the rim being careful not to spill it, and in the rush of reaching down south of town, he tripped over a leveraged plank of wood. He flew airborne a metre or two, with the wine flying mans neck and chest, was bright red wine. Most of it was around his neck but it managed to travel down to his chest, and then to the floor, slowly developing a puddle. Dornes stomach was flat on the ground and the man was screaming and grunting in anger. Drip by drip the wine stained the oak wood planks, and right infront of Dornes eyes he could see the reflection of the man through the puddle, which showed the big mans movements and rage. “COME HERE YAH LITTLE SHIT!”, The mans hand shot towards Dorne, and took hold of Dornes collar in a very aggressive manner! Dorne was desperate to see the King, and many people do desperate things, in order to lying, to killing. Dorne dug his teeth into the big mans dry, ugly hands. The big man let a long and deep shriek and let go of fear, and using the support of a chair he got up on his feet and rushed out the tavern. He had never done anything of this sort and he felt extremely brave and strong. Dorne saw a beautiful white horse around the corner outside the tavern, which was glowing bright under the sun, tied to a fence. As he started to untie the rope, the man waddled out the door and came running, and swaying side to side towards Dorne. Dorne jumped on the high saddle in difficulty and galloped off, in great haste and speed. The wind flew through Dornes long hair, and shattered against his face, he had never ridden a horse, but yet it felt as if it was in his blood, he felt almost as if he was no longer an orphan lower-class boy, but a King.

Soon he reached south of the town, and the town was bustling of noble and poor. Beggars swept the street of any food remains and nobles spat down upon them. It wasn't soon until there was a huge crowd of both rich and poor, shouting “LONG REIGN THE KING!”. It also didn't take Dorne long to realisethats where King Velen ll was... He pushed his way through the crowd as if he was trying to make it through a maze, and eventually looked upon two prominent figures, who were elegantly dressed. It had to be The King and the young princess who brought warmth to his heart. King Velen ll proudly wore navy blue silk clothing embedded with gold bright lining, with a short black cape, flung over one shoulder. He had bright blue eyes, and long wavy blonde hair only coming down to his neck. Next to the King, stood the princess, who’s name Dorne was unfamiliar with, she had long beautiful wavy blonde hair that came down to her shoulder blades. She had bright blue frosty eyes, which were defined with her long gorgeous eyelashes. Her yellow silk dress dropped to the ground, graciously gliding across the pavements, cleansing everything in her path. She stood close to King Velen ll, assuming, she had never walked beyond the gates. Next to them stood the Kings Guard, specialised in all weapons and combat. He had a thick black bull helmet and bulked up black armour, people even claimed that the Kings Guard had the head of a Bull. As the daughter of the King gazed across the crowd her eyes met with Dornes. An intense moment of eye contact occurred. Dorne gave a soft smile, and she responded the same in return. Dorne felt a strange feeling in his stomach, like butterflies fluttering in joy and excitement. Her father took hold of her shoulder, Dorne and the Princess broke eye contact instantly, the butterflies seemed to have disappeared. A couple of dark grumbling clouds gathered overhead and covered the blue sky... The clouds spat light rain upon everyone. Opposite to Dorne, the crowd had split as a strange man with a hooded cape struggled his way though the excited crowd, and stood opposite to Dorne. Long and slender and fully robed in ashen coloured cloth, the man pushed people out of his way, to get right to the front. Butterflies in his stomach returned, however, these ones weren't joyful. They were full of fearful and sinister predictions. Slowly, the rain got heavier. The man took a few steps towards King Velen ll and instantly Dorne predicted his next movements. “Oh no!” gasped Dorne, the man lunged out right to the back of the King and produced a knife out of his sleeve, the mysterious man pulled back the Kings blonde hair back and put a strange looking knife to his throat. Everyone froze and silence filled the crowd. The guard unsheathed his long double edged inch, because he knew the robed man would slice his knife across the Kings throat... ending the Kings life. In an instance, the robed man shouted “THE OLD KING IS DEAD! LET THE NEW LORD REIGN!”, and as soon as the King was about to pull out his sword, thunder echoed through the sky, and the unidentified man slowly glided his knife across the Kings throat opening the throat like butter, leaving a fountain of blood squirting out and running down the kings chest and onto the pavement. King Velen ll fell numbly to the cold, wet, hard floor... It was a tragedy.


cold blooded and dead King, and next to him, formed a mixed puddle of blood and water, which was slowly becoming larger due to the constant blood flow and rain. He looked directly into the puddle showing a faint reflection of the murderers and traitors face. A man... Clean shaved, sharp chin and crispy lips, the nose as sharp as his knife, which was now covered in bright Kings blood. He looked normal other than the fact he didn’t seem to have eyes, which forced Dorne to instantly look away. Everyone dispersed from the scene like smoke in thin air. The Kings Guard trembled in anxiety and fear and fled too. “Yet they say he is fearless and brave... Where is his honour and sworn vows now?” said Dorne in a flat, disappointed tone. The Kings Guard ran away like a shamefully like a stray cat and the princess was left all alone, like a forgotten treasure. The robed man twisted towards the princess who couldn't move in shock, her whole life had collapsed right in front of her. Dorne didn't take a second to think and took off right towards the hooded man, the floor flew below his feet, and the adrenaline pumped through him insanely. He tackled the man to the ground, right beside the king. Dorne disarmed him from his knife, he then found the nearest large stone in panic and smacked it against his skull several times leaving patches of blood and possibly even a cracked skull. The princess snapped back into reality and realised the boy could die if she didn't contribute and help him... So she then slid the knife towards Dorne, it was a sapphire and onyx made handle, with Damascus steel as its blade... This was a battle for life or death, and there was no time for a clean or honourable kill. The man struggled and struggled, but the man was weak, and the impact of the stone had too much effect. Dorne placed his hand on the pommel of the blade, and using all his strength, he pierced the blade right through the mans chest. As soon as the blade travelled an inch into the mans skin, Dorne was no longer pinning a man to the ground but found himself sitting flat on the ground, and what was once a man full of blood and bone, was now nothing but small pieces of black cloth, gliding through the air, burnt and covered in ashes. It was impossible. They both stared at the ground in disbelief thinking whether this was a dream or black magic. In the corner of their eyes, they saw a flock of birds flying into the air and one specific bird screeching as if its life depended upon it. The exact identical man, wearing the same robes, and standing in the same stance, was directly staring at them from a rooftop. The only thing visible was his mouth, which he wore a slight grin. It brought ice cold chills down the spines of both boy and girl, not, noble and poor. The man slowly turned opposite to Dorne and the Princess, and on the spot, the man traveled down the other side of the roof, until he was no longer visible. The clouds had cleared, and although the King was dead, the Princess felt faint signs of happiness and justice, even if the man was dead or alive. Dorne asked... “What is your name my Queen?”, and the Queen softly spoke, “Elise”. The skies had cleared, and the beaming sun, shun upon the two lovers, the seas were calm, and the winds were at rest. The snow had been melted due to the sun and warmth filled the air, and despite the murder of their King, King Velen ll, a sense of hope and justice was found.

ago, when the true King was sent on exile, which led to a new family, ruling the ground and then eventually being crowned as Kings, and noble blood, which was ofcourse... The family name Velen. History had been changed, House Velen had never built the Castle. It was Dornes ancestors who had built it. A beacon of light had just revealed itself, that showed the people new sights, which would take the Kingdom to a whole new height. It was Dorne, and he was the one who always had the birthright.

“When the seas crash against the stones, and the world is in the midst, of the winter storms, the warrior will arise on the day, and fiercely ride the winter waves, bringing dawn to the darkness, bringing happiness to the sadness. The boy within will die, and the man within will be shown... and that is the day he will sit on the throne.”

 : Manu Aulakh

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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