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Springtime! Enjoy y'all!

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



Springtime, Springtime!

?Blossom, Bloom, and Grow!

Springtime, Springtime!

?Rain and Chirp and Blow!

All is bright, behold its might!

Sun like gold, all about is light!

Earthen smeel is in the air,

happiness is everywhere!

Animals are being born,

comes the rain, and comes the storm!

?The bud emerges, coloured loud,

?watch the birds fly high and proud!

?Springtime, Springtime!

?Watch it grow, see it glow!

Springtime, Springtime!

?Not time to reap, 'tis time to sow!

?Wind is blowing swiftly,

stream is flowing quickly!

?Birds sing their songs of beauty,

spring cleaning, leave no corner sooty!

?Sweet smell around about,

flowers, fruits, are coming out!

Behold the colours and the sounds,

isn't it just so profound!

Springtime, Springtime!

?Time of light, and time of rejoice!

Springtime, Springtime!

?Birds at height, and birds give their voice!

?Beast and child,  fruits and flowers wild!

?Springtime, oh Springtime!

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