Nonsense with No Sense

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Don't bother even asking about it... BUT... DO... Enjoy y'all!

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



?Raking eaves, and taking leaves,

waking dreams and snaking streams,

?midnight lights, and airlight flights,

threshold token, bars gold broken,

identity mistaken, destiny forsaken,

?falling tears, and calling fears,

rain it hard, and pain in scars,

?highlights lure, and night endures,

hard be bone, and cards bright shone,

?done are days, and gone are ways,

yet screeching bird, be leeching heard,

?and call be heard, and wall be seen,

after all times, and tall yet is green;


End the show, and befriend the snow,

?board the heights, for cord is tight,

?kite-strings burning, ker-rings turning,

cold hard stones, and departing homes,

?shrinking feast and thinking beast,

?and rowing quickly, going swiftly,

fighting might, and righting knife,

fading essence, laden presence,

?riding horses, tidings, corpses,

?death to all, last breath before the fall,

and dying door, amd sighing roars,

and dead, dear fellow, red hears yellow,

fleeting wars, and seating cores,

?and last anthem, and past ransoms,

and ringing bells, and singing spells,

?flyinf high, and lying lies,

meeting keys, and eating peas,

?digging deeper, flinging reaper,

?welcome seas, and tell,come, ease yourself and..


Truly you are welcome,

?truly you are one to tell some;


Blinking eyes, and winking surprise,

?weak, dim sun, and meek, slim one,

?sunrise meadows, black lies mellow,

?towers falling, flowers appalling,

midnight trees, and black light ease,

?running harpies, cunning narccists,

?pleasant winds, while pheasants sing,

farmers work, and armers quick,




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