If My Heart is but a Broken Plunder-/A Midnight´s Quarrel

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Two Short poems put into one.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



If My Heart is but a Broken Plunder -:


If my heart is but a broken plunder -

How’s it that I’ve found a way for it to beat.

Left by many, that’s for sure, but not again -

At least by those that sought for it to burn


Gone in the wind are the scattered remains-

What’s left is nothing more then a single ember.

Yet you still found a way to start the fire

That now continues to burn within me.


Your passion shines brighter than ever before-

At least from what i can somewhat observe,

The thing that might just bring me down, would be

Your sudden loss, or taken by devilish angels.


A Midnight's Quarrel:


I tossed and turned, the dreams came crashing,

As the nightmares tortured me, screaming my name.

My greatest fears becoming even more realistic,

As I saw your corpse slay on the marble arch.


I felt my insides tremble as I couldn't contain the words,

The rage and fury coursing through me,

I couldn't handle this moment anymore,

I lashed out and murdered the wicked


As the authorities came to stop me,

I lunged at them, claws, fangs, and all.

I heard the loud explosions and felt the ripples

As the silver bullets ripped through me.


I started to fall to the ground, a tear streamed down my face,

As a smile formed across the surface, I had come to realize,

That I could finally be there again for you. Hello my beloved,

I’m happy that it was just a simple nightmare.

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