Elements of Life

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A few poems and thoughts

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018







Poetry and Thoughts


Q. B. McKinney



I dedicate this collection of poetry to a couple of people, my grandmother Eliza McKinney and Jackie McKinney, my lovely wife. Without the inspiration of both these ladies, none of this would have been accomplished.




“Life, Love, Sex, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Today, Tomorrow…These are some of the elements life” Q. B. McKinney






What inspires a poet to write?

Is it a cloudless sky or a moon lit night?

Or could it be the frolic of a young pup in pursuit of a ball,

The cautious yet comical way a kitten watches a bug on a wall?

Many the things that cause me to put things to prose

One of those being the petals of a rose

Like the silkiness of this beautiful flower

Is the enchantment of your allure and sensual power

To be a part of your life is more than a dream come true to me

Perhaps a better way of saying a prayer answered complete and thoroughly.




Morning fog rising


Being burned off like the impurities

From the finest of gold

Trials of love, tests of time, in youth and

Days of old age




Walking through the park in the early morning

Refreshing is the breeze, gently kissing your cheeks

And lightly caressing your hair as it carries the enchanted

Fragrances of your perfume mixed with the amorous

Scent of love…yours and mine…into the horizon that

Gives birth to the embers that burn deep within our hearts

As the colossal star that brightens our pathway make its’

Claim over the darkness




Early morning mist

Tenderly kisses the tips of the sleeping petals

Awakening the buds, arousing each bloom

Causing each to stretch, rising towards the heavens

Silently giving their praises to the creator of all




Rain…the millions of tiny droplets

Each beating out a tune on the rooftop

As the lightening flashes its baton of charged ions and the

Thunder claps in the symphony that

God creates



As the sun rises each morning to warm the earth and

Make known its majesty

So does your radiant beauty warms my soul and makes me

Kneel before your regality

All the treasures of the earth cannot compare to your

Infinite love and kindness

For a life without you would be as bleak and futile as

Being lost in the wilderness



Cool breezes gently tickling the silky strands of her hair

Morning sun rising, silently, stealing the chill from the morning air

Night time slips away as the day demands its moment of attention

Making all in its wake seek shelter as the heat makes full its intention

This is summertime, we are its pawns, and this is the game we play

Each night before we go to sleep, another day without rain we pray



Rainy days, grey skies

Everything all dreary and wet

People hurrying along

Splashing around

These days I like the best

Just to stay inside and read a book

Or perhaps attempt to write one

Or lay back and relax, cuddle

And caress your special loved one




A splash of colors across the evening

Pallet of atmosphere

Numerous hues of orange, red, blue

Ominous thunderheads adds character to the

Artists’ creation

The artist being almighty God

His greatest of all creations being you



Most believe that love is a physical thing

Yet many feel that love is strictly emotional

Some look at love just for the joy that it brings

But my thoughts about love is just short of spiritual

Long before I knew anything about god and his laws

I had this feeling down deep inside of my heart

That despite on my disposition and all of my many flaws

I would find someone to love…and the love would never part




Love unconditional…I think that I have found

Still many mysteries, enigmas, puzzles yet to be unwound

Why do you love me? Is this love for real? Will you always be around?

Too many questions, too much time to think, always bring me down.

When will you leave me? How long will you stay? I want you here forever

Am I the only man in your life? Your husband? Your only lover?

‘Till death…the only time in which I will leave your side

Our marriage vows and Gods laws by which I will abide



On the day of your birth

All the angels sang out in cheer

The heavens burst forth in merriment and mirth

For perfection stood so near

Now you grace Gods green creation

The world is a better place

And my heart leaps with anticipation

With each smile from your sweet face



A word spoken without thought can sever ones’ soul like a knife

A meaningless sentence has more venom than a scorpion’s sting or serpents bite

Apologies by the multitudes do very little to subdue the traumatic shock

 The only recompense for such a travesty is a dirt nap in a pine box

If time heals all wounds and love covers a multitude of sins

Then time is what I give to you, along with love as a dearest friend

To think that I ruined a friendship before it had a chance to start

Leaves me sickened to my very soul and torn deep into the caverns of my heart

I can only wish and pray to God for your forgiveness of the fool that is I

And hope that you continue to grace my presence with your beauty and further enrich my life



The words on this paper comes from deep within

Flowing from my heart, through my arm and out the pen

They express the feelings that I have for you my love

Feelings of joy, happiness, love rivaled only by the heavens above

When trying to put these feelings into spoken words or expressions

I become mute, at a loss of verbiage, unable to place words in succession

I could spend the whole day saying “I love you” and it not be enough

Or spend a lifetime chiseling a likeness in stone, but that would be too tough

To let you know the innermost thoughts of my heart and soul

I cherish you more than the most priceless jewel or the finest of all gold

You have brought new meaning to an otherwise pathetic shell of a man

The day you agreed to be my wife forever, for life, and when you took my hand

My life took a whole new turn and I thank you for that

 For not only am I filled with love, but I will not be a lonely old fart in the park with a crumpled hat



Love is a mystery, a puzzle never to be solved

It gains meaning and intensity the more people are involved

Life and riches have been gained and lost because of it

Songs, movies, books, poems, t v show and music

Many experts claim to know what love is all about

Yet these same ones cannot even express love to their spouse

So love, whatever you are, continue to be here in my life

For every time I see my lady, she puts a sparkle in my eyes




The period in which darkness prevails over light

No shadows are seen; creeping animals scurry along in search of

A hiding place from the predators, hungry for the blood of their prey

The bounty of their spoils are ill gotten, the reason for their pillage, soon forgotten

Kill or be killed is their creed

Reason for motivation is pure greed

They feel invisible, as if no one sees

God sees. The reward for their deeds…An eternity of





Seconds becomes minutes

Becomes hours becomes days becomes weeks becomes months becomes years;

Slowly passing us by with each blink of the eye

Trying to recapture it is futile;

To slow its progression is neigh.

 ‘Tis better to ride the tide and enjoy the flow of




Why are we here?

This question has been asked through every generation

To live life without any cares or fears?

These are the prayers of people of all nations

Times are getting harder to deal with each day

Increasing prices, decreasing pay

Stressful times…a man entering his place of employment

Kills half the people there, the other half are hostages

A child of seventeen chased several blocks and captured

His freedom gone…beginnings of his mothers torture

A baby too hungry and weak to cry

Its mother is too busy selling her body to get high

Two friends last week had words with one another

One returned with a gun and shot his friends brother

 North, East, West, South…Blue, Red, Black, Green

People killed over silly shit, what does all of it mean

Are these the hard times Jesus spoke of with his disciples?

If it were not for the sins of the first man life would be delightful



Looking at the changes mankind has made throughout the years

With all its technological advancements and achievements

Makes one wonder why there are so many mothers tears

Shed for their young, unable to find peace in government

This is one of the rights of all as a citizen of life

To be able to recognize a dream and not have it taken away

A mother…too young to be one; a tortured wife…too scared to leave;

An abusive husband…who was viciously shaken by the environment…

Too much violence, not enough love. When will we listen to the wisdom given by the creator above?



Wake up; open up your eyes to see

That the person you have your gun pointed at looks like you and me

Wake up; open up your minds to think

That there is more to life than the next bag, rock, line, smoke or drink

Wake up; stand before the Great Judge

Explain to Him why because of color, religion, heritage, geographic locale

There is so much hate and so little love

Wake up; know that the time is near

When the creator will release his anger on all wickedness and the righteous will no longer know fear

 Wake up; make the change to save your life

For the Day of Judgment approaches like the thief in the night

Stand up; now is the time to change your heart

The devil is working hard to destroy mankind, slowly tearing the righteous ones apart

Wake up before it is too late



There were times not long ago when people you would meet

Did not care where you came from, what city, town or street

Now the times have changed and a lone black fist in the air

No longer means strength, power, and unity. Does not anyone even care?

When an innocent child gets its cartoon show suddenly interrupted

A stray .45 slug enters its head; no one seems to be disgusted

When an elderly woman sits alone and withers away from hunger

The children she worked three jobs to care for are too busy or don’t care any longer

If all the patriarchs of black history were alive today to see the mess we have made

All of them would wonder why they fought, struggled, all of the sacrifices they gave

For the lowest of the black person in this nation to achieve his or her dreams

And pass along the wisdom and blessings to create a strong black society



“Say, young fellow. Let’s sit and talk.” An elderly gentleman once said.

“For I have knowledge and wisdom of life as seen from the grey hairs on my head.”

 But I was young, dumb and full of cum, girls being the only thing on my mind.

So I waved him off, ran for the door saying “Not now, I don’t have the time.”

Now the years went by, and the man passed on, but he managed to leave me with a gift.

As I sit here looking at these prison walls thinking of all the near misses.

I am now glad that I made the time to listen to what that old man said.

For without the knowledge of life he gave to me, I would not be an officer but rather incarcerated if not dead.



Where am I? What planet is this?

When did a disagreement end up with blows from a fist?

What is happening? What did I miss?

When was permission given to kill innocent kids?

How does this happen? Why does no one seem to care?

Is the love gone from mankind’s heart or is everyone too scared?

Please, dear Lord, hear the prayers of your humble sheep.

Before the rulers of some foreign countries destroy us all in our sleep.



A teardrop frozen in the looking glass of memories

An emotional kaleidoscope of feelings of the moment

A pinch of fear, a scoop of excitement, and a heaping helping of joy

Butterflies caught in a net of nerves, heart floating above the trees


A radiant glow emanating from the angelic face

The scent of love wafting, mingling with the sweet perfume

Hair in curls, gently caressing the nape of the neck

 A vision of loveliness to see, an epitome of Gods grace


The sirens song, a melodic tone, both alluring and sensual

Dedicating love, honor, devotion to one soul, one alone

Before Gods eyes, all of heaven, family and friends

 To become as one, this is the vow, to love unconditionally




I have traveled many uncharted lands

Crossing mountains, oceans, desert sands

A long and solemn journey, from child to man

In the search of a treasure so grand


The climb was hard; many obstacles were on my path

 Keeping the elusive treasure in mind although it was beyond grasp

At times feeling the quest was futile, another of life’s traps

Mysterious as an ancient tomb, lethal as a venomous asp


Oceans of sweat and rivers of tears have been shed

As one after another journey played its jokes with my head

Many days passed when I didn’t want to rise from my bed

For the treasure of my search seemed to have fled


Just as I thought the treasure was never to be in sight

The searing heat and burning sands draining away my life

I looked over the horizon and much to my delight

 An oasis of love, with skin so fair, brown hair and hazel eyes


Giving me strength and a reason for living

With tenderness and compassion beyond all believing

Lifting me up from my battered state of grieving

My oasis of love I will not soon be leaving




Life is too short not to enjoy living

Before one can blink an eye, life could be gone

Why fret and worry about things that cannot be changed

Or lose sleep over things that will out live each of us.

Debts, wars, crime, poverty. Things that were here since the beginning of time

 All things to be passed on from generation to generation

Let each take the opportunity to make the best of a bad situation

And continue in this ride called




On this carousel that we dolefully call life

Each of have different meanings, lessons and strife

Most have the ambition to reach for the brass ring

Accumulating many riches, abundant power and trivial things

Others are content with just enjoying the sights, music and ride

Blissfully buoyant in the mere ups and downs continual rounds of life

Yet still others wish this damn ride would come to a halt

So as to rid ones of these nauseating and garish faults




Images mirrored by the faces of mankind.

The many wrinkles that line the eyes of the woman

Working hard to feed the family her husband left behind

His face gruesomely twisted by the heat and pain

Muscles aching; sweat pouring, blood dripping from his hands.

Driving himself to an early grave, nothing left to show his gain.

The grey hair that winds through the lovely braids

Of the grandmother, worrying and crying as she watches

Her grandson, the once straight “A” student, gently being laid

“To rest,” these words describe it best. For in life each waking

moment was used to study, work, playing ball, trying to get paid.

Ending so suddenly when someone viciously requested his jacket

In the blink of an eye, these plans he had been making

Are only mere thought, memory…Reflections.



Since the beginning of time man has

 Wondered what the meaning of happiness is

Many waking hours and sleepless nights

Have been spent trying to figure out this puzzle

If asked this question today, some may

Answer money, power, fame, drugs, or just having a good time

But finding a love like I have found brings the greatest happiness of all

I have peace of mind, joy beyond compare

Support in anything I may try to do

And best of all, I share a deep bond in my heart

With a woman I have searched my whole life for

Thank you, God, for giving me the meaning of happiness



More and more people are looking for answers these days

Searching high and low, near and far, in books and in self help tapes

They ask teachers, preachers, politicians, gurus, and psychics

Anything from the complexities of the universe to the temp of block ice

With blinded minds and narrow vision people keep on searching

In malls, stores, movies, media, radio, and churches

Through all of their endeavors to find true peace and happiness

Some find only pain, sorrow, frustration, and deep sadness

If only they would allow Gods spirit to touch their hearts

Appling godly wisdom, devotion and love into the innermost parts

Then true peace and serenity one would really find

 To have throughout a lifetime and leave the wickedness behind



An enchanted whisper spoken by an angelic siren of love

Summoning ones heart to take heed

Do not allow this feeling to wane

Many inner conflicts and battles are warred,

Most fragile as a small dove

Turmoil amidst rationale and fleeting

Dreams, enough to drive one insane

Happiness…each has their own

Definition of the word, none quite sure

Riches, fame, security, wisdom, all of

These fall within the parameters

Loneliness, depression, ignorance, of these maladies

Scientist has no cure

The greatest enigma of all is love…

Without it life is merely a pilgrimage into obliteration





I must have been the biggest damn fool to ever think I would truly be loved by you

My mom always said that I wouldn’t amount to anything and what she said has come true

A real man would do all in his power to care for the woman he has

But instead I just go with the flow, take things easy, and just look like a total ass

The love that I have for you is deeper than the greatest of all the seas

But my manhood is totally juvenile, my thinking merely infantile, smaller than a flea

How someone so great can put up with so much shit from a total moron is beyond by grasp

I sit and ponder the timeless wonders of matrimony and I tend to get a laugh

I cannot think of one reason why someone would even care to know my name

Not to mention to even want to be seen with someone so physically and mentally lame

Although I cannot seem to figure out why you even waste your time with me

Please be assured that my heart and soul and all my love will be yours for an eternity



Just being close to you makes my feelings start to soar

Sparks up my libido, makes my engine start to roar

To see the silhouette of your shapely derriere in motion

Sends a rush to my heart faster than any love potion

Just the scent of your sweet perfume when you have left the room

Makes me yearn for your warm embrace like a newborn from the womb



Where were you when I needed a friend?

When the times got hard near the bitter end

Where were you when the times got tough?

When the pathway to happiness went from smooth to rough

Where were you when the skies turned gray?

The tears began to fall, my heart began to ache

Where were you when my world come tumbling down?

When no light shone through, all smiles turned to frowns

Where were you when I would just sit and pray?

Maybe God would hear me soon and end this pain

I gave you my all and that was not enough

You ran over my heart like a bug hit by a truck

And now I must move on, gather my tattered life, mend my heart, stand tall, and be strong

Perhaps one day as you sit alone, you can ponder these things…

Where am I, Where have I gone?













Q. B. McKinney



© Copyright 2018 Q.B. McKinney. All rights reserved.

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