Real Life

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It's about a teenage girl from a different country (INDIA). It describes how she fights with her own thoughts to survive as a successful and happy person.

It was another ordinary day for Monica. She went to school on her scooty with her friend. On the way, she saw a lot of other kids some on bicycle and some on scooty. In their school students were not permitted to bring fuel-driven vehicles. A boy saw her on scooty she was a bit scared about that. She wondered if he will complain to the teacher. They then met outside the teacher's room. And he started teasing her. She was again scared outside teacher's room he was shouting. She somehow managed to shut him.

Monica thought he was a bad person who only knows mischef. But he turned out being a good and fun loving boy with innoncence like that of a child. He never stopped teasing her. She too enjoyed it. But then she started feeling a little bit different about him. 



well it's not ended. I'll continue if it'll feel to.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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