My First Love Destiny

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Fallen in love at first sight but destiny was against their love story and put them in challenges. (Sorry about the writing format, I kept trying to fix it but it still ends up like that. Please
don't let it bother you from finishing up the story. Plus there are some words in italic format but it doesn't shows. This really mess up my story but I try my best to fix it. I apologize.)

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



When I was just a young teenager, I gave my first kiss to an angel. When I first saw her, she was staring at the far oceans with eyes that seem to be yearning for something, her long black hair is like silk with tiny fairy dust sparking around her body while playing with water. She was so beautiful like an angel that my eye couldn't control itself from staring at her. First look at her...I already knew we were destined to be together, I can see the invisible red string bonding us together from fate. From the very first moment, I knew she was the one in my life.

I remember clearly I approach her with a clear smile on my face, she had a very sad face, a face so clear white like pearl with a bright red lip that seems to be attracting me to kiss her. I asked for her name. She replies with,“My name?” she pause and stare at me with eyes that seem to be filled with story.

“My name is...Kira. Have I ever saw you before?” she asked me.

“No,” I pause. “But I felt like I have known you for a very long time from the first moment I laid my eyes on you.” I continue.”Will it be too dangerous to fall in love with you?”

She smiled and walked close up to my face and lend toward to my ear and whisper. “It might be… I might end up hurting you and makes you end up in pain.”

When she slowly moved away, I took her into my arm and lay my lip onto hers and slowly closed my eye, her lip was liked a magnetic tension throughout my body, a feeling I had never felt before. As I slowly took my lips apart from her, I told her, “I am willing to go through anything for you. Please accept me into your life. I had fallen too quickly for you and couldn’t get up anymore. I might be stupid telling you this but you already had becomes parts of my heart.” I look into her emptiness eye. “I can promise you I won’t abandon you, a future with you had becomes a dream to me…. I know we just had met but I knew I had known you for over a thousand years.”

“Will you really do anything for me…. I had never heard anybody telling me all this even though you might not be able to make things happen but when you first approach me I felt the same ways as you do. Do you think this is crazy for us?” She took my hand and so did our story begin into the future.


“Love,” she calls me. “Love!” she repeated.

“Yes, am sorry baby,”I pat her head and gives her cheek a soft kiss and look at her softly. “I was recalling our past when we first met. That day was so hot, wasn’t it… just like you.” She smiles and hit my arms gently.

“You are so sweet, since those days we had some on and off time but we still end back together. We both had tried our best, we had some sadness but we were strong and still stand on the same ground till now. My love for you can’t be taken away anymore by anything in this world, you mean everything to me in this lifetime, without you I don’t think I can love someone else again.” she smiles at me.

“Am sorry for all those sadness I had brought to you even though I promised you I was gonna give you everything. I promise you I will try to not make you sad anymore, your smile means everything to me…. I love you, baby.”

She presses her finger on my lips. “Don’t make promises you won’t keep, love. Didn’t we suffer the time when you broke the promised to me… We don't want history to repeat again right? I love you too love. Just being happy with you mean everything to me already.”

“On our wedding day announcement I will make everyone know about us, I know you are suffering keeping this as a secret from your family,” I sadly tell her.

“I can wait, love, we still have time. I can wait a million years for you, I just need you to be by my side and love me.” I can tell from her eyes she was unwilling to keep suffering like this and I doesn’t want to keep making her wait forever for me. “It is late now, I have to go home now, I will text you when I get home, ok love?”

After she left I fall asleep soundly on the couch watching some comedian, and when I woke up I come upon 30 message from my girlfriend and 35 missed call. I quickly get up and scroll through her text message, and check the time she texted me and called; I got very worried and quickly call her back but she didn’t pick up. I carefully reread her text message and I couldn't explain what kind of feelings am I feeling, I blame myself for not being able to be by her side when she needed me. I call her over and over again but it just sends me straight to voicemail so, in the end, I reply to her text. Baby don’t worry, everything will be fine, we will figure out a way together. Don’t cry, ok? After that text, I fell dead straight asleep just to be woken up with another 20 missed call and so I call her back and it went through.

“Where had you been? Don't you know how much I had texted you and called you and you just reply with just one text,” she shouts into the phone crying loudly.

“Am sorry, I was sleeping…” I start to feel mad when she didn't know how much I had worry about her and that one text was to calm her down without any extra useless text.

“Don't you care about me anymore… I wanna kill myself. I hate my family so much…. What should I do? I can’t disobey my family, they will kick me out and dislike me forever. I was so hurt by the fact you didn't show you care when I am about to get married to another guy,” she cries.

“Love, of course, I care, we promised to have a future together and I am not giving you over to another guy. Don’t cry now; can you come out? Let meet and talk this over. Stop crying now, I care about you love, we will figure out a way,” I support her.

“I can’t, they gonna takes me to meet that guy and his family today at the family cafe near my house for lunch,” she hopelessly reply.

“I will be there, don’t worry love. See you there,” I answer. As the call ended I stare into the empty space rethinking about all those memories we had that most part I can’t recall anymore. Do everything worth it? I love her but we keep suffering over and over again. I couldn’t keep any words I had told her, she deserves better than I could ever give her. I slap myself in the face, “What am I thinking about, wake up,” I say to myself.

Soon it was near afternoon, and I start to get dress and took the train to the family cafe near her house. I text her, ‘Am here, love. Don’t worry, you two will just be meeting today, nothing else will happen.’ She didn’t reply to me and I keep waiting and waiting but nobody shows up. I look down at my phone once again before deciding if I should give up and leave or not but then when I face up they were there. My own girlfriend smiling happily with makeup on looking like an angel with her hair done and a super cute white pearl dress but then I notice the man standing next to her, the man her family wants her to marry. He looks older than the both of us and quite good looking and it seems he works out quite a lot too; both of their family walks in after them dressing in formal clothing talking and smiling like they are already married. She glances at me but quickly moves back to that guy to not attract un-need attention to her parent. She looks quite happy being next to that guy and I start to get jealous. Did she fell for that guy already? Nah she loves me, she must be pretending to like him to not let her parent feel let down on her.

“Am so happy you two are getting so well together, look at you two standing next to each other being so perfect. What do you think of our little girl, Mike?” her mother asks.

“She is gorgeous mother in law, I will be lucky to have her as my wife,” Mike reply with that playboy looks of his. Anger is building up inside me that I want to go up to him and hit him across his face to talk to my girlfriend like that. On the corner of my eye, I can see my girlfriend glancing at me and she looks worried.

“Mother,” she said. “I don’t think…” she glances at me again. “Mother, let me just be selfish this once in my life.”

“Look at our daughter, she can’t wait to get marry,” her mother interrupted her. I can see her eyes is getting watery looking at me.

“Mother… No! I can’t,” she runs out of the cafe in a hurry, her parent tries to stop her but she escapes and I follow her out from the back door.

“Love!” I shout. She keeps running and running and I finally catch up from behind and put my arms around her, hugging her from behind. She tries to set free from my hug but I hug her tighter, her body is so warm, her smell is all around my body. “It is fine, I am here. Don’t cry now.” She sobs harder and harder and all I can do is hug her without letting her go. “Am sorry for being so useless, I can’t give you anything that you deserve.”

“Love… What should I do, they gonna kill me if I go back. I don’t like him at all, he can’t be compared to you at all. His family has money but what can he gives me, I don't want anybody other than you. Am scare…. Am scared, am scared.” she sobbed. One of her words catches my attention deeply.

“They won’t do anything to you, don’t be like this now. Stop crying, I don’t want to see you cry… smile for me please,” I kiss her head. “I bet they are looking for you now, just tell them you have a stomach and was embarrassed to say it because he was there. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. If they see us hugging here you will get into trouble, let go now. Don’t cry,” I sadly tell her.

“Kira! Where are you,” her father call.

“That is your call. Go now and tell them what I just told you, I will be here if you need me, ” I softly whisper.

She turns around and look up and stare into my eyes with tears still dripping down from her cheek. The sun is on the point on setting, the sky is turning purplish blue with a tint of orangish-red still left in the sky. Looking into her eye I can see my useless self can’t help her with anything, I try to wipe her tear away when she suddenly starts to say, “Promise me you won’t leave me and we will go through this hardship no matter what together.”

“I promise you. Now go now, your parent is worry about you,” and I set her free from my arms as she runs toward her parent shouting.

I approach home and lay down on my bed right away thinking over everything, the happy memories when we smile with each other, kissing each other over and over again, exploring new places and setting a dream together but then the bad memories come into my mind when the time we argue over silly things and fight each other and lying to each other and giving up on each other…. Breaking up over and over again.

Maybe I was wrong and we weren’t meant for each other, that day when I first met her it was so magically. If it wasn’t for me, she could have been happy with someone else, maybe that mike guy or whatever his name is can make her happy. I had harmed her over and over again with my silly childish thought when I was a young teenager believing the fate we had together but all this hardship we went through seem like a sign from God that we aren’t meant for each other. I Am being weak right now thinking about all this but she deserves to be happy, I never thought I would bring her so much pain.

I told my parent about you and they want to meet you right now’, is the first text I receive from her in the early morning that I somehow fell asleep last night dreaming about our time we once had.

I simply reply to her text, ‘Do you think that a good idea? You don't know what might happen.’ While waiting for her text message I cook myself a quick breakfast. Not after long I took the train and go to her house… Standing outside her door I nervously shake in coldness and I ring the bell. I can hear the bell ring into the house; standing close up front to her house I can see how big her house is compared to my small apartment. Soon a mother figure still dress in sleepwear open the door for me and that is Kira's mother standing in front of my eye up close.

“Good morning… Mother,” confuse to what I should call her. She leans on the door and crosses her leg looking up and down on me with a disgusted look in her eye staring into my eye like she can see through me. For today I had dressed in my best clothes to not embarrass Kira.

In a flash instinct, my face had been turned toward the other side with a burning hand mark across my ear like it had been lit on fire. I quickly look back up to not show how painful my heart is at that moment itching for her forgiveness. In that instinct, I saw Kira peaking outside her window looking down on us.

“You doesn't have the right to be with my daughter. Don't you know any shame? Don’t let me see your face ever again or I will kill you myself to prevent my daughter going with the like of you. They will get married next weekend as soon as possible.” She slams the door into my face; as I look up at the cloud the sky starts to get darker and darker. With the feelings of being betrayed I turn around and a drop of water drip down on my cheek as more rain started to fall heavily, the plant cries with my pain in my heart. I look back and see my love still there watching me walk aways hopelessly with a more of a disappointed face then sadness.

“Am sorry,” I whisper to myself. I walk out into the empty street soaking wet staring down on the ground. A shadow forms above me covering the rain from me, in an instinct happily I thought it was her but…

“Bro, you gonna get sick like that. Take my umbrella, I am almost there anyway. No point on being heartbroken by a girl.”

It the guy her mother want her to marry, his voice has a nice tone to it and good looking even in a weather like this, he stands straight and confident looking down on me. “Don’t betray her, she deserves happiness,” leaving my last word I walk out from his sight and stop in the middle of the crosswalk looking up at the sky closing my eye letting the rain fall onto my face and drip down slowly from my eyelash. No matter how much I love you I am sorry for breaking all the promised I once made to you again. This is my farewell if we can meet again in our next life that time I will make everything up to you.

“Stop,” a voice so familiar rush through my ear and on the corner of my eye a bright yellow light flash across my eye. Suddenly a heavy object pushes me onto the ground. “Love,” a warm teardrop on my face completely different from the icy cold rain. “Are you planning to abandon me, don’t leave me,” she cries onto my face.

“Are you hurt,” I look at her up and down trying to see any wound. “Thank you for saving me, if you didn't push me out of there fast enough I might have died,” having the eager to kiss her I crushed my hand in a fist to prevent myself. “But you shouldn't have done that, you deserve a better man. He can give you the things I couldn't and you two can date openly. Grant me a wish and go be with him.”

“No! Don't do this to me, I beg you. I only want you, I don't care how much we gonna suffer in the future or even now. You promised me we gonna go through this hardship together,” she cries.

“That just a lie, you don't deserve me, you deserve better,” knowing I had hurt her once again I feel hurt. “Am sorry but I can’t do this anymore, go home, you will get sick wearing so little in the rain. Please, I beg you, I want you to be happy.”

“Without you there no such thing as happiness in my life, he can’t give me the happiness you had given to me. I want to be with you, have all this time everything just a lie,” she shouts.

Speechless I tell her, “Yes… It is. I.. Don't love you anymore. Please just go.” Getting up slowly I walk away from that scene leaving a bigger scar on her then I ever did but if I continue being with her she will just end up with more pain than happiness.

She chased after me hugging me from behind with our wet clothes stick together. “But I still love you… I won’t marry him no matter what. Even if I die I will die loving you till the end. If this life we can’t be together I will come back to you again in our next life. Don't leave me please.”

“Then will you run away with me even if we gonna live on the street with no money and starve every day begging people for money and without any warm shelter for us to sleep peacefully in… Do you want a life like that? While you can have a warm house to live in, a husband that can support you.” I blurt.

“No matter what it takes I am willing to live that kind of life with you, we can still be happy even if we have nothing, all it needs is just us being together everything is enough.”

“But to me, that is not enough for me, I don't want you suffering with me.” I cry

“Love, that won’t happen, I am with you. We still have a whole long future ahead of us, don’t give up like this.” she insists.

“Then… Let’s run away… to Japan, Korea, Egypt, or even to the end of the world…Let disappear.” I tell her. I can see her eyes wandering into space thinking if this the right path she should be choosing. I know deep down in her heart, she doesn’t want to leave her parents nor lose me… I feel helpless. My heart throbs in pain in this lightness sky with only the sound of raindrops falling like our broken heart crying in tear for an answer. I put my cold icy lips still dripping with rain toward her lips with my hand running through her wet hair that still full of magical butterfly in my stomach; I push her body onto mine hugging her with tears mixing in with the rain. I take her up into my arms making a slight splash on the ground with her clothes dripping adding extra pound toward her in a princess carry that she loves. In this starless sky, I give her forehead a special kiss under this weather that tries to cut our bond.

“One day we will be happy living together in this world alone with just the two of us. Let step into our own new dynasty now.”


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